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Thread: Sailor Moon Fanfiction: Whispers of the Past: Prologue & Chapter 1

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    Default Sailor Moon Fanfiction: Whispers of the Past: Prologue & Chapter 1

    Prologue- The Fall of the White Moon Kingdom
    There was a light blissful breeze, gently carrying a scent of wet earth. Hotaru sighed and looked out the window, below the luscious green grass gently danced with the wind in the secluded Saturnian gardens. Meanwhile the dark violet skies glittered with white stars each flickering calmly.

    “My much I miss you...”

    With a heavy sigh, Hotaru walked back toward her dresser. Elaborately the dresser was composed of a mysterious light purple crystal, which was only found in the lands of Saturn. Sitting on the dresser were an array of small dangling hair ornaments, royal jewelry, exquisite perfume bottles, and finally seating on elevated velvet, garnet colored cushion was the Sacred Royal Crown of Saturn. Hotaru looked at her own reflection on the crystal mirror...a grown woman with alabaster like skin, slim profile, long ebony colored hair, and light lavender eyes calmly gazed back. It had been so many years since she last saw her Mother stand before this very same mirror...all Hotaru could recall were her Mother’s almost identical and charismatic features.

    As Hotaru’s servants finished putting the last hair ornaments and the Royal Crown of Saturn, a messenger barged into Hotaru’s private chambers.

    “My Queen...pardon my intrusion! But I have just received the most urgent news!”

    The young Saturnian messenger struggled to keep his posture, for he seemed to be out of breath. Beads of sweat collected in his forehead.

    “My Lady...I have received news from General Shura that the King...”

    The servant seemed unable to finish his sentence. But there was no need...for his expression foretold Hotaru what had happened. The messenger’s news pierced Hotaru’s heart like ice shards and that same pain vigorously echoed throughout her body, sending shock waves. Soon Hotaru felt a tear, slowly trickling down her cheek, clouding her vision. With a single wave of her hand she dismissed the servants, whom all slowly backed away without turning their backs to her. Once she was sure she was alone...Hotaru lost control, throwing herself in the king sized bed and burying her face between her pillows which nostalgically still had her husband‘s soft scent.

    Outside of Saturn, The Great War continued tenaciously; The White Moon Kingdom and its allies tried their best to fight off the invading forces. But, the war was coming to an end and the outcome of the war was obvious.

    Neo Queen Serenity badly injured leaned against a fallen pillar, her pure white dress torn and tainted with a deep red blood color. Floating above her was the Imperial Silver Crystal emitting a warm and bright light. With a feeble smile she slowly summoned all its power; her eyes watched the Imperial Silver Crystal floating above herself. Within a few minutes eleven bright rays flew in several directions, the crumbling White Moon Kingdom was destroyed along with the others. Sending her daughter, Princess Serenity, and all of the royal court to the future. To the new beginning…
    As the Lunarian Kingdom began to disappear Neo Queen Serenity for a final time warmly smiled, gazing at the war torn city before perishing together with her beloved city.

    Chapter 1- The New Beginning
    Birds happily chirped outside under the warm sunlight. The skies were bright blue with a few clouds lazily floating around, it was a perfect day it was neither too hot nor too cold, simply just perfect. Inside the dojon several students could be seen practicing their kicks, combinations, forms, one steps, and etc. Suddenly the clock struck four times, announcing that it was four in the afternoon; soon the class was dismissed by the Master. Hotaru wiped off the sweat from her face and forehead with a towel.

    “Wow...sensei must’ve been irritated today...he made us practice beyond belief”, she whispered to herself.

    Hotaru headed towards the locker room, where all her belongings were safely put away in her locker. A few students passed by her...she quickly changed into her white summer dress. It was very simple with a few purple beads and other ornaments were present at the bottom of her dress giving an air of simplicity and yet possessing gracefulness. Next to her bag were her earrings, which were made of pearls and other precious purple stones and her sandals. Finally before going out of the locker room Hotaru splashed some cold water unto her face; it felt very refreshing after a harsh training. Quickly heading out of the floor she bowed and put her sandals outside of the practice floor.

    Once outside, the air was quickly filled with pleasant floral fragrances, Hotaru smiled slightly to herself. For some reason she loved always managed to give her a peaceful and uplifting feeling. Hotaru began to walk towards her home in a carefree manner, even though today was a very important day it didn’t seem to spoil her good mood. As she strolled by, she passed several small shops, each selling some very interesting items ranging anywhere from rice cakes to exotic imported goods. Hidden between several shops laid Hotaru’s sold many traditional Japanese foods. As she entered the shop she heard the habitual custom greeting done by a store owner.


    Holding her bag in her left arm, she walked around the small store. Each step seemed to bring new intriguing sweet and tantalizing aromas. Automatically Hotaru pointed to the sweets, the store clerk placed ten fairly sized mochis in a transparent plastic box which was slightly filled with sweet rice flour. The cash register read “ 900”, Hotaru reached for her wallet inside her bag and handed the clerk nine hakyu en coins, with a smile the young clerk gently handed Hotaru the box of Japanese sweets.


    Bowing goodbye, Hotaru once again walked out into the streets. Tokyo was always filled with a variety of people from all four corners of the world, quickly blending in with the crowd Hotaru began heading towards her home. From a bird’s eye view Tokyo looked like an ant pile with several small dots busily heading in different directions. Although, Tokyo might be one of the world’s most technological advanced cities, it does have places where one can truly see the essence of the ancient world and the modern world together side by side mutually. Smiling to herself, Hotaru lazily walked through a small quite ally, which led to a path near the river. After a few minutes of walking, Hotaru arrived in the precincts of her home; it seemed that her house, a traditional Japanese house with a Zen garden, was the mirror image of herself. Hotaru removed her outside shoes and switched them for suripas, Japanese styled flip flops which are used inside.

    “Tadaiima! Is there anyone home?!”

    She knew that there wasn’t anyone home…it was just a custom she came to adopt as a child. She threw her bag into the floor next to her shoes, meanwhile letting her hair down from the ponytail. While Hotaru carefully brushed her hair, she began to think…today was the day that the Amazon Quartet and Chibi-Usa were to become the Guardians of the Earth and its people; and the veteran senshis would have to pass their powers to the new sacred warriors. But, in Hotaru’s case that did not apply…for the Outer Senshis were eternal Guardians of this World. A royal ball was going to be held in honor of the Amazon Quartet and Chibi Moon.

    Undressing herself from the white summer dress, Hotaru grabbed a towel before getting into the hot tub. Placing the towel near to herself, she dunked herself into the warm and comforting water. The room was filled with fragrances of lavender, white roses and other ambrosia fragrances.

    “Sigh…I wonder how this time the ceremony will turn out…”

    After a relaxing bath Hotaru stepped out and began to dry herself. As she meticulously put the towel away an old grandfather clock struck eight o’clock with a gasp realizing the time, Hotaru quickly summoned her powers. She wore an elegant long dark violet dress, which were decorated with silver beads and ornaments. It showed parts of her back and shoulder giving an extra feminine touch…along with the dress Hotaru also wore amethyst colored jewelry; which each piece contains the sacred emblem of Saturn.

    Before departing into the portal, which all the Moon Kingdom people were able to summon at will, Saturn snatched the box of Japanese sweets and hopped inside the portal.
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