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    Here's Duck with Ren last December. Kinda grainy, sorry, my camera is on its way out. He's NOT that thin, he's messing with Ren's ear. she can suck it in like that too, and as you can see, she's a nice weight.
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    Haha! Grandma calls him "The Tank" He's about nine months now...almost ten months, and all his yellowing means he's about to have a fur change since he's not oil-stained. He's kept it for a while, but that's how it is in the early months before Spring. He's a chocolate just like Ren, but he's got more dark coloring than her. You should see him with HER if you think he's big to Cooper.
    He's a sweetheart, but he's got a thing about feet! His first six months were spent in a tiny cage, so we're STILL getting him used to larger spaces and socializing him. He's timid, but typically pretty placid around new people so long as I'm touching him. He loves to be in the car. All of mine love being in the car, dunno what's up with that but I'll take it! lol
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    By the way, meet Duck, my new ferret I got last December. :3 He's massive. Hope the photo isn't too big for your page. If it is, sorry. >< [IMG][/IMG]
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    Yeah, it's a pretty short game length-wise. A few areas take a lot of time to get through though. They give you a lot to do though. Hunting, item farming for special weapons/armor/other crap and rare beasts. I was thoroughly unimpressed with Omega, and Yiazmat. Basically you just spent several hours, and I mean several unless you're like max level with max dark weapons(or top weapons) slapping them and healing. Fastest I ever beat Yiazmat I think was an hour and forty five minutes. e.e Finding/getting to Omega was the worst part, really. lol
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    So how is YOUR FFXII game going/gone? =P I mess around in there and several other FF games off and on. I may not be perfect, but I could probably write a few walkthroughs by now. Especially with FFXII...oh wait, I've got some on my youtube. lol I wish I had a captcha thing to get better video though.
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    Nah! You wouldn't bring me down. Helping people out when I can is what I do. I do it because I like to, also, people shouldn't have to feel like crap all the time. =P

    This is way late, isn't it? I totally forgot to come back and check my messages...but then I DID pop on to look after the 3rd, I'm positive I did. I didn't see any messages, so I'm sorry I missed you!

    Yeah, FFXII is a breeze, pretty much. It's fun, not the best game in the world...but it remains the first FF game I ever had, and so has a special place in my game-time. LOL

    Feel free to call me whenever you want to. If you don't want to just unload the suck, perhaps I can at least give you a giggle, or someone to just talk with. I wont complain. I'm not quite the fireball I used to be, nor am I so depressing, but I do still have that temper, you just have to grind to get it to show up now, even then...I just laugh at people who are trying to tick me off and humor them. =)
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    Jaaack! HOW ARE YOU? lol Sorry, been a while. I miss talking to you all the time.
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    I know how that goes! Glad you're doing well, and it doesn't hurt to stick with what you know best. =)
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    Knock, knock!

    Mind if I crash into your wall?
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    Missed your birthday message, sorry. And thank you, though it was two days late. LOL It's ok, everyone else completely forgot me but Debi.
    I don't come on anymore. Not intentionally though. x.x How you been?
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