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    1/2 I know the cold weather is probably dreadful (a lot of people tend to not like it), but I must say, I am a bit jealous. *Laughs* I really like the cold weather, and am a little sad that the lowest it has gotten here so far, with this cold weather front, is 32 or so. Ha-ha! And then alas, it is back up in the high 60s again. Meh. xD The visual of your mustache freezing and your beard being some kind of shield is actually a little funny. Hehheh ^ ^’ I really miss school, to be honest. I do not feel quite like myself without it. So, I can understand your anticipation. How have classes been going? And if it isn’t prying too much, might I ask about these…other things/questions, in your life?

    That sounds beautiful. I love viewing stuff like that as an art form. It takes so much (mostly control and discipline) for something to look that fluid, it has to be art.
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    Seriously. I am definitely a night owl, so to speak. xD

    Alright, if you say so. ^ ^’ And yeah, I could imagine. I think I would be the opposite, especially since I couldn’t imagine liking loads more than what I already named. If I actually took the time and wanted to list just a few primary things that I know that I enjoy doing as hobbies, I’m sure the list wouldn’t be so extensive. But, then again… I could be wrong. Ha-ha!

    (Not a topic change) -> Anyway, how have you been? Anything new? I know it sounds cliché, but how is the weather over there? It’s actually a bit nippy here. *Laughs* Take care! Have a great evening. :]
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    It’s all based on matter of opinion. Your hobbies sound similar to mine, so I can see how you would say that they really do seem the norm in modern society.

    That’s neat that your brother trains iniaijutsu (I’ve actually never heard of this one)/kenjutsu. But I mainly like RPGs, as well. They seem more interesting to me, and I tend to be extremely story-oriented, so it works well for me. I use to play Magic and D&D, but now I just mainly play DDO or RPGs on my game consoles and laptop when I get the chance to. Tabletop games were more something that my ex and I did together, and now I really don’t find an interest in them. Although, as ridiculous as it sounds, I love board games, and absolutely love the game of death, that everyone seems to hate – monopoly. Ha-ha! I love card games, too. ->
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    You are very welcome. ^ ^’

    I suppose so. I would think in modern society today most people just stay inside, go to work, or play video games. At least that seems to be the norm when I take into consideration the people that I talk to, and the people that talk to me. I rarely meet adventurous people, which makes me kind of sad. *Laughs*

    That is a very interesting thought! But I consider a lot of “normal” things hobbies, because I am often surprised at how many people actually don’t do them, or at least realize that they are doing them. For example, one of my roommates loathes writing – she won’t even give it a chance to see if she likes it, because she didn’t care for it too much in school. And I love it and consider it a hobby, although, you wouldn’t consider writing a grocery list or to-do list a hobby. *Laughs* ->
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    Yes! Beautifully written. *Smiles*

    Well, I like singing, writing, acting, drawing, listening to music, going to the movies (I am a major movie and film buff), spending time with my family and friends, traveling, learning, thinking, staying up late, going to the beach, going on walks, exercising, martial arts, archery, learning about weapons, driving, playing video games, playing board games, talking about life, helping people, you name it! I like doing pretty much anything creative, as well as anything that keeps my mind, body, and spirit, happy and healthy, without sounding a little weird about it. The list is a rather large one... I apologize. ^ ^' How about you, if you don't mind me asking?
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    No worries. Our minds are just different strands of riverbeds, each one’s depth various, leading us to an incomprehensible greater ocean of unknowns. So basically, our thoughts are random, at best, yet we still try to make sense of them. *Laughs*

    Yeah, I think we’ve all made those accidental extra posts. Ha-ha!
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    Yep – Lucid dreaming. :] Yes! That kind of stuff. I think it’s really interesting.

    Ha-ha! Very true. I’ve always said that there was no such thing as “normal.” xD

    I suppose you can put it that way. ^-^

    Well, that is something that I believe full-heartedly – that who we were is what makes us the people that we are today, yet, we are forever-changing based on the circumstances or churn of events that may happen in our day-to-day lives. You never know what can happen, and no matter how small it might seem, everything makes some sort of impact on us. We seem to only really pay attention to the real detrimental events though, instead of the small things that could ultimately make us have a more positive outlook on things. ->
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    hello! How are you?
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    Oh, no worries. I tend to switch off between using my laptop and my phone.

    I see figures and signs of movement, too… Although, I always put them off as things of my imagination and ignore them. And if it really starts to bother me, I talk to my roommates about it. Ha-ha! That would be really interesting though. Those thoughts are ones that make really great books and stories to read. That would be really cool though… Just thinking about it brings us back to that cycle of how we analyze things and consider them in our own minds, to be certain things, compared to others.

    I am open to curiosity, as well. Should you be curious. *Grins* Indeed, the mysteriously woven web of conversation. Ha-ha! Have a good one!
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    I don’t know. It could be something like that. I was able to fly in my dreams, even though I never flew on a plane until 2007, for my first time. But everyone is different. There can be many reasons why you haven’t been able to fly in yours. I love studying dreams though… I find them to be so fascinating! I even record my dreams down in a notebook, or on my laptop. ^ ^’

    Nah, I wouldn’t worry about it. It isn’t embarrassing. When I first came back to the forum, and I started writing you, I posted on my page two or three times before I re-figured everything out. *Laughs* So, I have a lot of edited blank posts lost in the numbers of messages on my page, from myself. xD I enjoy these random thought-conversations, as well. So, any time. I will continue to try to keep the conversations going as long as I can. ^_^ Even if life gets busy, I will always eventually respond. ^ ^’ ->
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