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    Lol, expecting me to remember those ridiculous PMs verbatim. I have more important things to do.

    You're welcome.
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    Hm, but you sent rape-y messages to someone you said you wanted as a girlfriend soo...

    And no, I still don't really like you. You seem like you've gotten a bit better at the whole socializing thing though. So that's something.
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    Not really so much 'mad' as just weirded out and annoyed. But I was a kid in High School, so pretty much everything annoyed me back then. *shrug*

    Huh, I didn't think many people threatened to rape someone they wanted as a girlfriend. themoreyouknow.gif

    You're still single I take it?
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    What lie? Lol you were a creep. Doesn't matter if I'm a guy or a girl, you were still being a creep, and that's all the community needed to know.

    I don't even remember what my avatar was, but I can't really think of how it could have come across as feminine. Especially if it was South Park. And who said I was mad? You're funny guy.
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    I have my right to bear arms. You communist.
  6. Let me guess. You still hate me?
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    Holy crap it actually is you looool. You must have some serious investigative abilities if you can google my name after all these years. Bravo.

    I'm the baddest bad guy evar. *twirls club*
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    Woah... I don't think I've ever had anyone from THQice message me here. O_O How'd you even find me? Lol. I don't remember your username, honestly... Did you have a different one there? What was your IGN? x: *holds up club in case you're Veron*

    And lol, I switch my gender icon around when I get bored.
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