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    It says here that its your birthday today so, Happy Birthday!

    More birthdays & fortune to come

    I see you've been inactive for awhile, hope everything is fine with you & hopefully you will return back soon, take care
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About Sinopa

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Date of Birth
February 12, 1996 (27)
About Sinopa
Hello, I'm Sinopa, Sin for short. It's not my real name (...YET) but I use it for most of my online usernames. Sinopa means fox in umm some Native American language, the name of the Native Americans has foot in it somewhere (O.O I don't know lol). I'm not native american though, I'm Puerto Rican and Irish.

I am blonde at the moment (Trying to get it to white.) with a hairstyle similar to Mey Rin's (from black butler) except the side bang thingies are to my chest, and the back is a tiny bit longer. My eyes are hazel (Mainly green and yellow, they change colors with what I am wearing, no joke lol), I had a friend that once said she wished she could just gouge my eyes out and hang them over her bed (O.O ... Yeah I know). Oh and I'm female obviously lol.

In real life I am shy until you get to know me then I talk nonstop, and I don't mean the shy that some people say to get to attention (I also don't stutter), I get horrible anxiety when I'm around strangers, and it gets even worse with crowds. That's why I like being online XD not actually around people.

"Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth."
That quote is very accurate when it comes to me (and most other people) and the internet.
My "mask" personality is outgoing, sometimes hyper, and (I think I am, though others may not think I'm...) funny.

I'm anime and vocaloid obsessed (Len and Rin Kagamine! Luka Megurine), I love to draw, sing, and write stories. I have a cat, whom I love very much, his favorite toys are unopened tampons, cough drops, and bendy straws. He's also really picky when it comes to food, like me lol. I'm a gamer (A gamer's best friends are pizza, coke, and DBZ... in my opinion that is XD) and when I finally go to college I will major in video game design, (Minor in programming.) My favorite colors are black and red, I don't label myself as gothic, (though other might) I'm Sinopa style lol. My favorite music is Heavy metal (I love S.O.A.D. Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, F.F.D.P. Etc. I hate those sissy metal bands like pierce the veil, sleeping with sirens, etc, I'm sorry to anyone who disagrees with me, please don't hate me XD) J-pop, J-rock, the music in games (mainly two steps from hell, and also some ost background music in anime), and classical music (Harpsichord, piano, violins, etc.)

I am a text-based roleplayer. I have been roleplaying since April of this year, though I have many years of experience in writing stories and when I was younger I would roleplay with my sister (at the time it was just playing around, we didn't know it was roleplay lol). I play a vast amount of personalities in roleplays, from shy to Tsundere.
​Ummm I guess that's all, I don't know XD...
OH! I use an excessive amount of smileys, lols, and gifs XD

Nice to meet everyone =3
Death City (for now XD)
Drawing, writing, roleplaying, gaming
I'm a weapon XD a giant hammer to be exact.


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