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    Hello , How are you? c:
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    I'd love to be friends Pandy!

    And I'm possibly the biggest Gundam fan you will ever find; and I got started on anime during high school, so possibly going on 10-11 years now ^_^
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    OK, before I give you the link, I just need to tell you that the actual link to the site is near the top of the page you are about to click on; this is what's known as a soft redirect. Here is the link: Sorry about the smiley in the above link, that happened automatically.
    I'm actually writing two fanfictions; one of them is finished. After you register on the site, go to the members list. I should be the last one one the list. Then send me a private message on the site.
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    Ooh, Shugo Chara is also on my list of animes that I need to watch this summer. So are Shakugan no Shana and the new Sailor Moon. My favorite Sailor Senshi is Sailor Saturn. She can destroy almost anything with her Silence Glaive. My favorite main pearl voice is tied between Hanon and Rina. I just can't decide which one I like better! They're both so cool in their own ways!

    I actually found a site for Mermaid Melody fans. Well, actually someone one deviantART told me about it. It's a site for roleplay and discussion, and I'm writing a fan fiction on the site, too. If you want, I can shoot you a link to it sometime. ^u^
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    Sweet!! I never thought that I would find another Magical Girl/Doctor Who/Mermaid Melody fan on this site!! I actually have a whole list of animes that I need to watch, rewatch, or finish this summer. Most of them are Magical Girl, but Karin is one of them. My favorite Mermaid Melody characters are Coco and Noel. I think both of them are underappreciated, mainly because they were in Gaito's castle for most of the first season, but also because they don't have their own image songs. Noel has her own unofficial official songs that her VA sang for Kiddy Grade, but those don't really count. They're still really good songs, though.
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    Part 2: I watched a lot of animes, but still not enough considering Iíve been watching anime for 10 years now >_>;. To list of a few of my favorites, I like Code Geass, Eureka Seven, Higurashi, Clannad, Gurren Lagann, etc. What about u? What animes do u like and what got u into anime? I think Dragonball Z got me into anime ^^ haha. I started watching it without knowing anything about anime. Then my friend in high school liked it also and told me that it was an anime and introduced me to what anime was >.>; lol.

    And sure ^^ I hope we can be good friends also.
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    Part 1: Hey Pandy ^^ your avatar is so cute! Im glad u find my username so interesting ^^ I just hope interesting is good thing in this case :P. It didn’t really come from anywhere. I guess it’s more from the idea of perhaps red tears are possible when u lose someone that is your “forever”. It’s kind of a depressing thought though >.>; lol.

    That’s right! I didn’t even think about red from FF ^^. It’s great to meet another FF fan. What’s your favorite FF game? Mine is FF X >.>;. I changed my profile picture to this after watching movie 3. Have u watched it? Both Madoka and Homura are my favorite characters from the series, but after the movie, I thought they should be destined to be together haha. I love homura’s character also!! She’s actually really similar to me in many ways. Have u found an anime character that’s similar to u? Oh and it would be awesome to have a little homura haha ^^.
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