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    Hi there, friend. ouo Thanks for dropping by my profile and don't feel bad not knowing what Homestuck is. Oh boy, but maybe I can explain it to you like this, so: The game forces the survivors to do quests on their own planets, meet up with each other, turn into super-hero-esqu people, and beat the game. The game is beat when all the survivors meet up on their now apocalypsed home planet, and defeat the kings and queens of both the black and white armies; literally a massive chess game. The prize for winning the game is becoming the gods for the new dimension that is born, the story revolves around 4 kids and 12 trolls.

    You can totally read the comic, but you need a lot of time and patience to read it though. ouo It's okay for asking such thing, it's no bother at all friend!
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    Hahahaha yeah indeed so, however its all good though our son is healthy and happy and that's all that matters
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    Ahhhh yeah that would be a rather bad thing to happen. Thank you Our child is only a couple of weeks old so there are many nightshifts for us to deal with
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    Peaceful and boring is fine by me lol my wife is currently looking after the baby since I'm too exhausted to do much, she is amazing and I love her so very very much.
    Its fine no worries
    lol I love a good storm though
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    Lol its still good though I have quite a few friends who live over there, maybe more than over here truth be told hahahaha
    truth be told its all about breaking the work down into smaller sections to make it appear less daunting.
    Well considering its Britain its not too bad although it was pouring down earlier today and now its dry out despite it being 9:40 at night lol
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    Cheers it took a long time to write and I am absolutely exhausted as well but its worth it

    So where abouts in the world do you come from? I'm from the UK
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    Ahhh okiedokie then always nice to meet new people

    I am doing fantastic as today I handed in my 10,000 word dissertation for my 3rd year uni
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    You should watch it, I personally think it's amazing
  9. I been here before for almost a month or so but lost my info so made a new one. I do like it here, very interesting people here. I heard of it but never got into it much, Gurren Lagann. Planing on it soon just watching a whole bunch of other Anime first. But what I seen in the past I rather enjoyed it.
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    I have been around since March? Dunno. I am liking it here, but there are too few Gurren Lagann fans and that upsets me. Same question goes to you
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