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    Oh god! No, no, NOOOOOOO!! Dx

    Yeah, alot of the other anime were really lacking. Only real goodies that shined above the rest were actiony. :/
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    And again. -.- Maybe we should switch to PM so the character limit isn't a problem? lol

    I will never cut my hair again if I can avoid it. I hated having short hair. >.< And I plan to continue growing it out until I can't stand it anymore. Then I'll cut it back to where I can and call it good. xD

    Yeah, but fast food is really tiring. x_x Just look at the name. lol And yeah. When you close the front of the restaurant, you have to clean EVERYTHING. They got a new floor cleaner thingy that requires you to move stuff to use it, but it works better, and is WAY faster. And I've actually already tried college.....twice. >.< I would have had it fully paid for too. But it seems I've still got a few too many issues going on up in my head to actually handle it yet. >.<
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    I still have some of my old clothes, but a lot of them were the sort of things that weren't designed for every day wear, so they are no longer in one piece, and most had to be thrown away. >.< Which sucks because a lot of them I haven't been able to find again. For example, have you any idea how hard it is to find a decent pair of black and white stripey tights that actually fit? I've only had one pair in my life that were good quality and actually fit properly. = ^ = And my biggest phase was rocker/goth, which lasted a few years, the scales tipping back and forth between the two. Now I change depending on the day. xD Some days I look goth, some days I look 90's, 70's, or even 50's, or some mix of them, sometimes (rarely) normal, and god knows what else. The only constant is that I almost always have a theme. I like theming my outfits. It's fun.
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    Sorry. Damn character limit. >.>

    Ohhhhhh I thought you were referring to my sarcastic question saying you couldn't guess who it is now. My bad. ^^; Wendy's isn't bad. Just tiring at times, especially when I have to close the dining room since I have to move ALL of the furniture around three times to clean the floors. >.< And I know two jobs is going to suck, but I need the money. I don't expect to have it very well until after I can make it through college and eventually (hopefully) get hired on in my intended career. Still not great pay, but then I'll at least be settled.
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    I look way younger than I am. I'm 19, 20 in August, and people still mistake me for early high school, or occasionally even middle school. >.< And I still would dress the same way if I had the clothes. But they got too expensive to keep up with. v.v But oh well. My style is a bit more varied now and not 100% goth. Well....depending on the day since I never look exactly the same twice. :P LOL I like my hair long! I actually had to cut it about two years ago for reasons and I HATED IT. I've not cut it once besides an occasional trim for health since. Not it's a little beyond halfway down my back (as is, which would be rather curly and a bit frizzy) and I'm still wanting it longer! > But I've always had long hair, so I suppose there was never a period of "getting used to it". I don't know. I suppose it isn't for everyone. *shrugs*
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    The ones of me were actually ones I did for school. One was for the weekly broadcast, and the others were for video class. God they are so terrible. >.< lol Watching them again also makes me wish I still had all the clothes I wear in them! Most of them got holes or something happened to them, so I don't have them anymore. >.< It also makes me want to try doing my Mrs. Lovett hair again since I haven't really tried much since then. xD

    hehe Yeah, gee, I wonder, not Catherine Tate, oh no. xD Well at least it's a job you like from the sounds of it. :3 I work at Wendy's, and soon I'll be working breakfast at a hotel on top of that, so no random celebrity meetings. v.v I've never really been big on YouTube celebrities. Most of them that I know I know because of my step-sister. lol
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    LOL Yeahhhhhhh I know. x3 Though what you see is what happened. There was nothing hidden going on. But still. It was awesome. xD And there's probably still videos of me up on YouTube from 10th grade, unless they took them down after a while......OH MY GOOD GOD THEY'RE STILL THERE!! O.O Wow.

    I get a few slightly more minor ones that rotate around, but those two have been stuck in the number 1 and 2 spots for years. Bet you can't tell the current one in the rotating spot. xD And really? Woooow. that's got to be tough sometimes. o.o
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    Little kiss? Oh that thing wasn't little by any means. My mom watched it just to see and shut it off before it finished. xD LOL And I'm not usually big on showing people videos of myself because I don't think I look very good in front of a camera, but this I don't mind if you want to see it. xD

    I would totally have the same problem, on both counts. lol But more so for Tim and Helena than anyone. Those two are seriously my idols! I don't even know how I would react if I ever met them, either of them. o__o I would try SO HARD not to be all creepy and fangirly, but I can pretty much guarantee it would come out. DX
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    Especially with her. It's REALLY easy to do with her. >.< But oh well. I will get her to watch it one day. >:3

    Most people don't. She's one you've got to have odd tastes to really appreciate. lol Victorian era, asylums, burlesque, and general insanity are her basic themes. :3 And yes, I definitely liked it! And it's on YouTube so I can relive it any time I want. xD

    Either way, you met them! The rat game is literally the only time I've ever met a celebrity in person, unless you count meeting Brandon Mull at the Teen Author Boot Camp thing I went to, which I don't. If I ever meet another celebrity, I know it's insanely unlikely, but I'm still hoping it'll be either Helena Bonham Carter or Tim Burton, or possibly both. I would die of a fangirl heart attack if I ever met either (or especially both) of them in person. x_x lol
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    I can tell you have been watching Toy Story through that quote alone. xD

    I prefer actiony anime, but I have been steering towards romance alot lately. Story wise they tend to be alot more indepth, good at bringing on dem feelz!
    But yeah, I would watch anything. Except Boku no Piku, no force on earth could make me watch that.. I don't mind scary. Usually I'm really bad with horrors, but I don't find horror scary in anime. :/
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