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    Nice to meet you~
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    okay well i'm done talking to you now bye
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    huh? oh okay you really did help i feel so much better thanks
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    thanks for the help you kinda killed my sister when you said your here for me that we need to talk alone
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    its okay i don't care anymore but your so nice to want to come over here and talk about but you don't have to. thanks i'd like getting picked up. oh and i know because i listen in class will someone told it wasn't class
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    the only reason go walking is because my mom forgets about me and leave and Attia doesn't want to be seen with me she doesn't want people to know that i live with her she acts nice but she hurts me she hits me all the time when your not there that's way i'm always mark like i got into a fight or some thing she rude but can tell she really likes you because she always talking about you with ma and when you come over she always so nice and has smile also she actually talks to me but i never say anything to her because i'm scared to don't tell her said this don't tell anyone okay. you do like her back right because never mined its nothing
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    "mommy's gone she in a better place" i wonder why he had tears if she doing fine then he send me to get adopted that was the last i saw him i think he send me here for my own good to give me a better place a house with a mom and dad. i want to see him one more time now to tell him it'll be okay mom is in a better place she's happy looking over us nothing s going to happen to us because mommy is looking over now. i can't i don't know what happen to him if his alive or dead. that's the only memory i have of them. don't tell any one okay no one knows i want it to stay like that. that maybe another reason i get picked on i tried to stand up for this one kid and that's when i started getting picked on but the past is the past right that doesn't matter any more. i like drawing the same thing and just to tell you black isn't a color. you can't walk home but you should be happy your picks you up that means she cares about you.
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    yeah i get picked on i can't do anything about it i'm to weak last time tried do something about it they beat me up even more and can't bring myself to hurt someone don't want to see someone cry again i don't want that to happen my real dad the only thing memory i have of him is when mom died he sat there not doing anything him can't move just sitting there watching as the guy was killing her. to just sit there and cry wanting to do something but you can't move the knee cap got shot so he couldn't do any thing watching as the one you love died i didn't know what was going on because was just a baby but i knew that i didn't like the water going down his cheek it made me sad then the whole thing was over it was quite but i just wanted mommy at the time he told me
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    um.. all you really need to know is that i like anime, drawing, walking, and my favorite animal is the giraffe. i was adopted, get into fights a lot well picked on a lot i'm a nerd don't have friends and i get good grades straight A's. i don't do much but stay at home and watch anime read manga's and drawing. i go walking home after school and buy somethings on the way there like an anime to watch or a poster an action figure something that won't take away all my money. my favorite colors is silver and i cats but there not better then dogs that for sure that's it.
    what about you? what do you like to do?
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    its alys what do you won't to tell me
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About kirito272

Basic Information

About kirito272
i love anime and japan,
i go to school and don't have much friends there that i know of. i like walking that's all i can think of.
drawing animals and taking walks to places that i don't know.


Kay, i'm here now, can i copy your homework now?~Izumi Konata (lucky star)
it sounds like me


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