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    Haha well could Nicole be overweight, though i think she's just horrible at giving insults then anything else ^^. She's just going back name calling from elementry school :P. That's awesome, so what kind of things have u done so far in your break ^^. I've been so busy since last week but i finally have some time now. Im probably going to waste it all playing video games though haha :P. I always do that.
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    Sorry for such a late reply. I've been so busy. Haha i dont think u could be serious and call kagome fat. Ud have to be super anorexic or something to be skinny then o_o;. I think Kagome's weight is suppose to be 109 lb according to wiki which is already pretty light haha. Yeah well i vote for Zoey :P. They have to many trolls on youtube though T_T;. How's your summer break going?
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    I totally agree T_T; i think this person's just a troll. Maybe she doesnt even care and just wants to troll? It's funny cause before i met u, i had no idea people hated inuyasha so much. I thought >_>; people didnt really care haha. Oh kagome being fat haha well im pretty sure kagome and kikyo weight the same :P. Also T_T; just how skinny would u have to be to be skinner than kagome haha. I actually read a comment where she called Kagome fat also ^^. I feel sorry for that girl that tried to reason with her T_T;. But yeah that's hilarious ^^ "no UR GRAMMER sucks" >.>; lol. Well Kikyo lovers should just unit instead of fight. Sadly trolls like that make people hate kikyo even more.
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    I actually came across that name reading some of Zoey Ann Greene posts. I looked that person up and at first im like ok i guess those comments are reasonable then im like yeah ok i take that back lol. That person has some serious issues hating kagome lol. Still if i were to compare both id like Zoey Ann Greene more haha :P she'd take the award on best troll between them. U could even laugh at some of her posts while Nicole Travis just seemed to be straight up insults haha. I have a youtube account but i dont comment on videos so i rarely ever use it.
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    Haha i just read some of her comments. I just searched her name on youtube T_T; and found all these videos she's spammed. Some things she said were actually hilarious while others yeah T_T; total troll lol. Apparently she's 14 according to what she said in her post. There are so many trolls on youtube though. Have u talked to her before?
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    Oh that sounds like she's 10 years old or something lol. I know what u mean though, it's easier to respect other people's opinion if they're more mindful of what they're saying. While something like that just makes people hate other inuyasha haters. I should watch a inuyasha video to see if i could find one of these posts haha. That would be hilarious ^^ do other people respond to her?
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    Nope i've never heard of her but i usually dont read youtube comments. What kind of things does she say? Im kind of curious now. Does she troll u're youtube comments or something.
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    Yeah it's a classic. I should rewatch it whenever i have time. How're trolls bothering u? What are they saying. If u're talking about here and that .Sev guy, everything that guy posts whether it's in your blog or other people's blog is to troll. Id just ignore any post he makes.
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    Yeah bullies are stupid -_-; they only bully u so they could feel good about themselves. It's awesome u found a good friend. Do u guys hang out a lot ^^. I dont have many friends in real life that like anime ;_; they never understand calling them cartoons >.>; lol. Youko compared to Inuyasha....i dont like that comparision either. I've never thought about it but yeah i agree at least with looks he looks more like Sesshomaru. Youko's awesome ^^. I really like Yu Yu Hakusho also though it's been so long since i've watched it. I watched it back when they showed it on cartoon network on adult swim >.>; lol.
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    Aw u get bullied in school also? It happened to me in high school so I hated going to school. Im glad no one bullied u this year. It's horrible. No one should have to go through it. I hope u've made some good friends this year though ^^ it really helps having good friends.
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My name is Francine. I love Inuyasha (the show, NOT I repeat NOT the character) My favorite characters are: Kikyo, Sesshomaru, Kagome, Sango, Bankotsu, and Kirara. (In that order) I can't STAND Inuyasha. YUCK!


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