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    Im sure he did then. Im sure he was happy that his last moments were sleeping next to someone he loves. Haha hillbilly anything is funny. While inuyasha would just make it so much more. Haha i totally suck at call of duty games. Im always that guy running around shooting randomly cause i dont know where im being shot from. I really like final fantasy games. My favorite is Final Fantasy X. Which ones have u played? I cant wait till Final Fantasy XV comes out for playstation 4. Actually i cant wait till playstation 4 comes out in general lol. Aside from that i really like the bioshock series. Also i really really want to play the last of us T_T;.
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    I hope it was a peaceful death. It's terrible when someone close to u dies, but im glad u guys are doing better now. Hahahaha maybe u could have made those coyotes into cat demons :P that would hurt Inuyasha's pride also. They should totally have that T_T;. They should have someone dub over inuyasha's voice with a hillbilly accent. Then make him say stupid things during different parts in anime. It would be so funny >.>;. Haha im sure those sharks threw up afterwards ^^ then inuyasha was nothing more then puke :P. So what kind of other games do u play ^^.
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    Aw im so sorry to hear that. That must have been horrifying. It's so sweet of u to give her company like that ^^. Im sure she really appreciates it.
    Yeahhhhh u're telling me haha :P. 1. pack of wild coyotes is always classic ^^ very nicely done especially with Sesshy and Kikyo kissing over his dead body haha ;P. 2. landmines is nice cause then there wont be any inuyasha left :P lol. 3. Hahahaha this is my favorite one i think ^^. It's the most funnies. Id love to see Annoyasha (haha) as a hillbilly >.>; then get stopped by horses that HATE him lol. I wonder what inspired this idea T_T;. 4. This one is interesting ^^ what made u choose badgers lol. Oh and u're totally right T_T; person that wears red always gets killed haha. It's like painting a nice red target on themselves. 5. Nuuuuu i feel sorry for those sharks >.>; he must not have tasted very good :P lol.
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    Hahahaha now that makes me even MORE curious :P. Oh i think i've heard of it before ^^. I guess it isnt very good T_T; but at least u have your money's worth killing inuyasha >.>;. Really? that is so awesome ^^ what did u guys do? Nuuuuu lucky T_T; i dont even have a PS3 >.>; lol. I dont play too many games but latest games i usually play through steam. I really really want the last of us though. That game looks so awesome. Oh speaking of which i also really want a playstation 4 haha :P. That's so cool your aunt also likes anime. U guys must have tons of geeky conversations then lol.
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    Oh i wonder in what embarrassing and brutal ways u kill inuyasha in them haha ^^. My parents just tease me about watching cartoons T_T; OMG they so arent cartoons. That's why i watch most of my anime secretly in my room >.>; lol. What video game is that. Do u have a playstation 3? So have u been able to go to that cabin with your aunt like u were saying ^^.
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    lol i should have known >.>;. Of course pretending to be inuyasha so u could pretend to die would be something ud do haha. Do u parents like anime? Maybe if they did T_T; they'd understand where that craziness comes from lol. I think being kikyo killing inuyasha sounds much more entertaining lol u could probably get super creative also :P. I want to read your notebook now ^^ haha just how many stories have u written? So your friends like one of those yeah sure i'll agree if we could be friend types lol. If that's true she must really want to be friends with u. That's fine i guess as long as u guys are having fun.
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    Sorry for such a late reply. I went back home to florida so i've been pretty much away the entire time lol. I really miss florida T_T; lol. I know what u mean though T_T; just grabbing a stick and pretending it's a sword as nerdy as it might sound totally makes u feel awesome haha. But um im totally surprised u said Tetsusaiga >.>; considering how much u dont like inuyasha haha ^^ i was totally going to put that but then im like >.>; well maybe shed totally hate that idea lol. OMG that is so funny though! I would LOVE to see u do that flailing your arms pretending to be a full-demon hahahaha. What do your parents think when u do that T_T;. My parents would be like wtf....i think he needs to be cut off from anime >.>; haha. U have a pretty awesome friend though if she's willing to join in on this T_T;. Hahahaha u guys play a game that involves playing inuyasha o_o; that is so awesome >.>;.
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    Oh i've TOTALLY done that before >.>;. I just carry around a big stick like it's some sword and totally feel awesome doing it T_T; haha. I wonder what it would be like to have a real sword >.>;. Id totally go and see if i could slice up a skinny tree with a single swing haha. Id probably hurt myself though T_T;.
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    That's cool, i've never lived in a cabin like that. I've always wanted to vacation in a cabin in mountains. Maybe part of that interest comes from anime T_T;. U know how they go into mountains and train to become strong haha well that looks fun.
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    Oh really where are u guys going. That sounds really fun ^^. I havent gone on a road trip in a long time. Haha well u shouldnt let anyone on youtube upset u. They're just people looking to fight. I dont understand what kind of joy they get from it, but i guess that is just how they're like.
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