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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I miss u so much ^^.
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    You looked at my page but didn't say hi? BLASPHEMY!

    How are you doing? xD
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    That sounds really interesting. It looks like u're trying to write a proper story with it. Is Mami your favorite character? I didnt really like her T_T;. Im not saying i hate her though ^^ i just have my reasons for not liking a perticular part about her. Making a story where she's got a sister though is a great idea. There is so much u could work from. I hope u could finish it this weekend ^^ are u going to post it online? Oh ok yeah >_>; there are 2 really really annoying episodes where i considered to stop watching the anime, i think u're right around those episodes T_T; lol. It's when Rossiu gets really really annoying -_-;. But if u manage to get through those rest of the episodes are really great ^^.
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    Really? A fan fiction about Puella Magi Madoka Magica ^^ that's sounds so awesome. Do u remember what it was about? Have u finished Gurren Lagann yet ^^. Tell me what u think of the ending when u do.
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    I know ^^ i guess what i meant to ask was what kind of writting do u do has a hobby ex. fan fics?
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    An author ^^ that sounds lovely. Do u do any kind of writting currently? I would love to read something if u do. I've never thought about it like that though ^^ expressing your feelings through a story. When i think about it, you're absoutely right! It would be amazing to write a story that expresses your feelings. I've been in love before where i've always wanted to express those feelings so i resorted to writting a poem lol. But T_T; of course im horrible lol so i could never express them the way i wanted ^^ maybe next time i could find a way to write a short story lol. I hope you'll like it T_T;. I havent watched that anime >.>; but my friend said it was good so im hoping it really is ^^;.
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    I know what u mean ^^. Usually people here aim to work for disney or something like that but even they can only accept so many -_-; lol. Manga/animation industry is just so much larger for artists in Japan then any other place ^^. I've always thought about what it would be like to be a mangaka >.> pulling all nighters, living off paycheck to paycheck, and eating instant ramen everyday lol sounds fun T_T;. They have an anime about being a mangaka actually ^^ it's called bakuman. I havent watched it but it's also a romance anime so u might like it lol. So if u dont want to be an artist then what do u want to be ^^.
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    Yeah it would be pretty cool to have a story behind them if u enjoy writting those kinds of things. U dont really need to draw every character in your story. U can just make others up only for your story while draw ones u enjoy and see where that gets u. It's worth a trying if it sounds fun ^^. Is art something u want a career in or u havent decided something like that yet lol.
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    That's awesome, so u invent anime characters. Do u write stories behind them also? I think anime landscape is really pretty. It's not bound by reality only your imagination. So it could be anything from your dreams kind of like creating a world from your dreams lol. There are many animes when i feel would love to live in that kind of world since it's so pretty. A good example is one piece where they have this island in the sky ^^.
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    Id love to finish a book in a day! Unfortunately T_T; im quite the opposite. Before reading the hunger games couple of months ago i hadnt read a story book since maybe 6th grade ^^;. I've been really wanting to into reading -_-; lol. I've done everything to avoid it ^^ lol. I really like those smaller tablets, they seem really easy to just carry around with u. What kind of things do u draw? I've heard drawing tablets are pretty neat with how u could zoom in and out really well to get great details in your drawings. I wonder if that would make drawing with them much easier than drawing on paper.
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