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    hi there!
    Nice to meet you
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    hey !!!
    Happy Independence Day !! and all the best for 10th .................
    gr8 we r bff"s again .......(ya!but it never changed in the first place).
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    God I am missing everyone,especially since it's a week ago when we last met...
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    That's awesome, u must go to mumbai all the time then. I've been to mumbai once but i was really young so i dont remember much ^^. My mom's actually visiting india in a couple of days. She's going to visit her parents (so my grandparents T_T; lol) and then go vacation a little in south india ^^. I've never been there but I hear it's really pretty. If only i could go with her T_T; lol. Where do u usually go vacation ^^.
    I know what that's like T_T; i finished college and even now i dont know what i want to do lol. In america it's pretty common to not know even during your later years of college. It's really easy to change what your studying here so they say on average a college students change their study concentration 3 times here. Yeah T_T; it's really bad lol so dont feel bad. Im sure u'll find something ^^. Engineering is a good back up though ^^.
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    OMG so you're indian also. That is so awesome ^^.
    What part of india are u from. I was from ahmedabad. I havent visited there in a while T_T;. I really want to go.
    There is another friend i talk to here that's also from india ^^. She's around your age also.すずめ
    That's her profile link. She hasnt been on much lately cause she's been busy with school probably like u T_T; lol.
    Im sure you'll figure it out T_T; though im sure your parents want u to be an engineer or doctor >_>; like any other indian parents lol.
    Im working right now ^^.
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    Yeah I was born there ^^. Where are u from?
    Have u decided what u want to study in college? I studied electrical engineering lol.
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    I see. I have read the Naruto manga but I don't plan on chasing the anime. I have also watched Ouran High. One of the most funniest and enjoyable anime I know.
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    Plenty. K, Psycho-Pass, Fullmetal Alchemist, Higurashi When They Cry, Blood+, Kimi Ni Todoke, Another and many more.
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    board exams? Do they help u get into college? Stupid question i know T_T; im just used to american schooling so i dont know much ^^;. Just how do they work though. Do they also determine what course u will be studying (like science, business, etc.) i think that's how it is in indian school system (im from india so i know some about their system there lol). U take one in 10th grade and another in 12th grade lol. Just work hard for it though ^^ and im sure u will be fine.
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    lol really ^^. Yeah it looks like it would be so funny. The characters look so funny as is. They're shrunk to such a cute little size lol also lee, gai, and naruto combo is always just hilarious ^^ lol.
    Ohhhhh that isnt good :P lol. Have u been slacking ^^. What classes are u having a hard time with. It's happened with me all the time though ^^ i always need some kind of pressure to study otherwise i couldnt do it.
    Why is next year important?
    Um not anymore. I graduated from college last year T_T. I miss college so much T_T. I could just slack off everyday and wake up late lol.
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