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  1.'s it going?
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    Yeah I know that. Unfortunately this class I'm supposed to be taking is at the same time as the GSA club meetings so I'm going to probably have to alternate with those. >.< Mrs. Lovett swing dancing? Wrong era. xD Swing dancing hadn't even been invented yet. lol She's more of a waltzing woman anyways, and I actually have learned some of that. =3

    I usually am but with tea I'll try almost anything. lol

    Well usually casual conversation is better than assignments. They make it all difficult and stuff. And sometimes word limits can be a good thing or a bad thing. I hate them no matter what, personally. >.< If you really get going on something or it's something you like, then you can't fully say what you want to get out. But if it's something you don't like or something you just cannot get going on, then it seems impossible to fill up the space. >.<
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    Totally agreed! A lot of people may disagree with me, but there is totally such a thing as too big. Like there's this one lady who they think has body dysmorphia and never feels like hers are big enough. She's all the way up to a size MMM now. O.O I didn't even know that was possible! I have a couple of poems posted on here but no one ever seemed to read them so I stopped. The ones I put in that book weren't really very good and I wish I could've shared better ones, but those were the only fan poems I had. ^^; I can PM you one or two if you really want to read them.

    No I'm not violent unless you really piss me off. xD And that's REALLY hard to do. haha I'm one of those people with a fuse a mile long, but instead of being attached to a stick of dynamite, it's a nuke. And yes I totally agree! I always preferred to work on my own. Either they take over then get mad because I didn't do anything or they do nothing so I have to do EVERYTHING. >.<

  4. Ha! Thanks...yeah, I never really don't had any formal art training than those classes at school. But I've been drawing since the 2nd grade. Took a leave of drawing in middle school for fighting with other kids almost everyday. And that Wonder Woman is actually Teresa of the Faint Smile from Claymore dressed as WW. I tried going to Anime Fest but work got in the way...heard Mark Crilley was there and I would loved to had sit in his drawing panel.
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    Poetry, yeah I write poetry, bathe in my prose.
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    That's about how I am. I pretty much just sit quietly and keep to myself until I get to know you. I'm also never the one to start that first conversation.....or any of them for a while. ^^; I haven't actually been to the GSA yet as their meetings are apparently at the same time as this non-college class I'm supposed to start taking so I'm going to have to start alternating. I just know the general idea they have of promoting acceptance with the LGBT community. As for the swing dancing, I've never actually done it before, but I can't pass up free classes. I love that type of music and the dancing has always looked so fun! x3

    I haven't actually had black tea yet. Holy crap that's a lot of sugar! O.O I don't usually add anything to mine. Maybe a little milk or creamer here and there but that's it, and not very often. I actually just discovered red tea today in a little coffee shop on campus. I might have to try it sometime. I've never even heard of it and I'm a bit curious...
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    Admittedly I actually can be a bit of a perv on occasion. Especially with Helena since she's both my idol and my biggest celebrity crush. x3 lol She actually said herself that she'd happily stay breast-feeding, at least, just because it gives her "melons" instead of her usual flat "lemons". xD But yeah, I bet Tim was a lot happier after that happened! What guy wouldn't be if their girlfriend suddenly grew at least two cup sizes? haha

    I don't want to seem like a crazy-obsessed stalker! O.O Plus if this fan-forum I'm trying to help revive kicks off, we might be able to get her attention again since they've already done it a few times in the past. She does actually have a few of my poems I put in the birthday book Liane from made and sent to her, though. And there's been proof and confirmation that she got it. I was in such a creepily good mood the day Liane said that! ^-^ hehe

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    Cont: It was really good! And the second day was still good. So I'm pretty confident I'm going to like it. =3 I've already joined three clubs. Utaku (anime/manga/video games/cosplay), of course, my school's chapter of the GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance), and the swing club (As in swing dancing. I've always wanted to learn it and they have classes I can take. ). I'd love to start a Tim Burton club, but I don't know how well that would go over. xD

    I think my favorite is white tea, if Emilie Autumn's custom tea is anything to go off of. It's amazing. <3 But I also really like green tea. And you're welcome! I totally understand. Take as long as you need to. =3
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    Don't think I'm a pervert for noticing this! When you've watched it as many times as I have and Mrs. Lovett is your favorite character, you notice things like this. lol Lemons to melons means she goes from this to this. Notice a certain part of her is not visible in the first and then it is in the second. She was pregnant while making it, so her twins went from "lemons" to "melons". xD Dude if I ever met her, I probably would die of happiness! x3 I've been trying to write a fanletter, but I've rewritten it about five times. LOL If I ever get enough money, I also need a pair of Pantaloonies, custom jeans that she helps make.

    I know it's not always going to be like that, but I can enjoy it while it lasts. haha And yes I am pretty quiet, unless we're talking about something I feel I can actually really contribute to.

    To be continued...
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    Cause you friended me.

    + means they're your friend on the forum.
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