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    I suppose he is but I wouldn't quite know that sort of thing lol
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    That's fine by me
    -I changed that by purchasing the user title change in the AF shop, you earn Gil by posting on the forums and then you can purchase from the shop
    -I don't remember changing my age myself so I think it's automatic lol
    -lol fair enouh
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    Ahhh don't worry it was back during that year that everywhere was flooded for most the year.
    It shouldn't flood hopefully it's not like the weather has been that bad this year so you should be fine
    Ahhhh Scotland way I've never been up that far north, the furthest I've been is Liverpool and that's where some of my relatives live.
    I think it's male not quite sure truth be told but I like it
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    It's alright
    But at least I know who it is though who's online
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    Okay (lol fair enough)
    Oh god not camping, I used to go camping myself and the one year we were flooded out of the campsite and had to stay in a church for the rest of the week as the camping site was soooo flooded. We even dug trenches to try and drain the field but that didn't help.
    I hope you and Kagami have fun when you go.
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    Hmmm not really no more than the average person I suppose, but caffeine is rather useful stuff though lol
    By the way is it Kagami or Tsukasa I'm talking to at the moment?
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    Yup that I did I just literally fell asleep when my head touched the pillow lol
    Ahhhhh yes that is rather frustrating when that happens so I just go through each setting individually so that I avoid doing that.
    I'm not too bad a little sleepy but other than that I'm rather well nothing that a little caffeine won't solve hahahahahaha
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    Greetings there
    Sleep well last night?
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    Sure. I'd be glad to
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    We were so busy talking it did feel wierd to leave though lol
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About Moki-San

Basic Information

About Moki-San
Hi, me and my identical sister share this account, so if i say "we" its not because i'm strange or anything!We are students in secondary school and are die hard Manga fans and Yaoi fans (don't hate us for it).
Music we like is...japanese metal and visual rock like the gazette, Noir desir, a french singer who does kinda blues/rock stuff, we like any genre from heavy metal, rock, a little screamo, death metal,soft rock, punk like the sex pistols and blondie and so on, old rock such as AC/DC and T-rex and stuff.
you could say our style is gothic but i prefer punk goth!
Some of our likes are...
-tokyo toys!!! (who doesn't, its awesome, and if you don't know it, look it up (^.^) )
-Plushies, (although we have no figurerines at the moment, we would like to have some of those too~)
-Gothic stuff (mostly things related to death~~)
-Serial killers (not in THAT way, we find their minds interesting and would only like to observe one from a distance)
-Japanese culture
-Sushi (and if you haven't at least TRYED doriyaki, you haven't lived)
-Lolita style dresses (too cute~)
Some of pet hates are
-Jeans where the crotch hangs down to your knees and shows your underwear (=.=*)
-STUPID PREPPY GIRLS (with heaps of makeup)!!
-Guys that think they're awesome
-Cry-baby girls in mangas
-HENTAI (i understand some people like it, but really, we're just about sick of it, thats why we turned to yaoi)
-Guys that just use girls and girls that just use guys
-Over-exaggerated yaoi ( we don't mind yaoi, but really? i don't think half of the stuff they portray in over-exaggerated yaois actaully happen)

Some of favourite(human) films of all time are (so far)...
-Shutter Island
-The Sixth Sense
-Of Mice and Men
-Pulp Fiction
-From Dusk 'Till Dawn
-Kll Bill
-Lucky Number Sleven
-Man on Fire
-The Fallen
-Good Fellas'
-Taxi Driver
-Gangs in NewYork
-My Immortal Beloved
-Ocean's 11, Ocean's 12 and Ocean's 13
-One Million Dollar Baby
...and thats all we can think of at the moment~
(by the way, if you haven't seen any of the films on the list, watch them, you won't regret it~)
Rule Brittania! (Great Britain) in Nottingham
we're into; Bleach, D,Gray-man, Deathnote, Fullmetal Alchemist,Black butler, durarara!! Hetalia ect.
We're currently students. But one of wants to be a detective and the other a clinical pychaistrist.


Everyone has a yaoi fan inside...its whether or not we choose to see the light is our choice...
But, hey people im a lamp
when the going gets tough...the tough get...less tough and turn into squealing little girls


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