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    Lư do hầu hết chị em thấy lo sợ về khám phụ khoa: Đáp án nằm tại suy nghĩ của các chị em... Đọc chi tiết chỗ này
  2. Hey! Hope everything is well on your end, what all have up too? If you happen to read this, stop by and say "hi".
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    Hello there ma'am.
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    Yupp, Im from Sweden. SO; heres is my theme song; (Hehehe, love the Hetalia fan-videos people are uploading on youtube).
    Skadipirate, the one who made the video aboe, has made many with "songs" to the characters that is quite popular there

    The Sweden character doesn't talk so much... and we are the only character that is official homosexual. Hahahahaha, who knew? =')
  5. I quite enjoy throwing her condescending attitude back in her face. It was my pleasure, in fact I should be thanking you for the given opportunity. Also, you are so welcomed I know it's not a lot, but it should help you getting started.
  6. Wow, saw that whole Shop thread wreck. If you need gil, I'd be happy to give ya some. I don't use it anyway...and pay no mind to what's-her-face...blueangel...she's got issues.
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    Yaay! I love how you love it! =D Which episode are you on?

    If you liked Gintama then you might like Axis Powers Hetalia aswell. Hetalias episodes are only around 5 minutes each, but they are still very funny to watch. Every character in that show is a country and the characters personality is that countries stereotypes. That one is also really funny, and you get really drawn into that one aswell, even if every episode is so short.

    Btw, which country are you from?
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    Whohooooooooo space! My first space-travel! =D
    I so feel like Commander Shepard right now.... Me gusta.

    You will get those gil before you know it. You have just started in here so there is no rush.
    So, how is the Gintama watching going?
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    Saw what you wrote in the thread about the AF-shop.
    Don't worry, just continue to be online in here and typelitypetype and you'll have those gil before you know it! :-) You can also get gil buy playing blackjack in the chat. I don't know if anyone have told you that yet.

    Now when that's said I have to mention that I like your background in here, it's very... "sparkly", hahah!
    If you want to reply then you can click on "view conversation" or go directly to my wall to write in there. But "view conversation" is much easier.

    May I ask what it was that you wanted to buy in the shop?
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