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    Exactly. Now, I live in Sweden so it comes naturally to me to know some things about the swedish royal family, but I do belive that people, even if they arn't swedish, should know about some other royal families besides from the brittish one. Now I don't mean this because people should be royalists or something like that; I just beive it should be part of every mans common knowledge. I mean, I don't live in Asia but I still know that they also are still having some royal families. I think you only win things on getting to know more about the world around you.
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    I think that the swedish royal wedding was much better then the english one. Frankly, the english one disappointed me a great deal. It was just boring and stiff, I didn't even liked Kates dress.. The swedish one was way beyong better, with the dress and all (their wedding was personal!), so it's a shame that it's not that many that even knew about it. Lol... I followed both the swedish and the brittish one from my television. I didn't watched the whole brittish one (it was mainly just the cermony itself that was shown here), but during the swedish one I followed every minute of it (to the horror of my guy [he was bored]. hahah!).

    Victoria and Danel are going to have a baby any day now.
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    Sure i am going to find a perfect picture to you!
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    Ah so you did watch the swedish wedding aswell? Did you see when Daniel cried during the song that was played during the cermony? I sat and cried aswell when seeing Daniel crying. ^^ Oh, and did you watched his speech afterwards? Bootiful.... ;__; hey, I just saw on your wall that you wrote that you feel uncomfortable when posting, why? You are new and you don't know everything abotu this forum yet, but you will get the hang of it in time - I promise you.
  5. I want to leave this forum. I am not happy here, i feel really uncomfortable when posting.
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    Haha thank you ^^ , btw i like your too Pikachuu Haha
    i can make you one^^
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    Arigato ^^
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    Hi there welcome to AF . Hope your enjoying your stay. I hope you dont leave us
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    Why don't you like it here? Why do you have a hard time in here? Is there something I possible can help you with?
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    Why do you want to leave this forum? Don't you like it?

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