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    Happy birthday!
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    Anime wedding? Was it a real wedding?

    Nah, I have never been to one actually. :/ Don't think it looks like I will ever go to one either, lol. x))
    So the Hao costume worked out? How did you end up doing with the shoes?
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    I thought you were talking about making the bubble wrap by yourself *face palms myself* xD No, I didn't make the picture myself. I found it on memebase.
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    Make them yourself? O___O I didn't even knew you could do bubble plastic like that yourself. O__o That are those plastic things with bubbles in them that often are in packages that you'll get my post. Did you manage to fix some Hao shoes? :o You'll be having a GREAT time there and don't worry about your confidence, im sure everything will go just splendid for you!
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    Lol, yeah it can be hard to find. x)) What are you up to right now? Im popping bubble wrap! Got a delivery yesterday but I have barely even looked at the stuff I ordered, Im faaaar to busy with popping the bubble wrap at the moment! xD Bubble wrap is a underastimated pleasure!

  6. I like sandbox games ya know open rpgs but i play alot of stuff, I LOVE Resident Evil 5 and had to have an intervention to get me away from it lol jk, your ps2 just couldnt handle the violence lol your just to hard core for it.... I actually bought the Wii last week as a present for my family since if I move out I will be taking the Xbox 360 and that didnt seem fair to my younger brother, for computer games I really liked Star Wars knights of the old republic, starcraft, diablo 2, myst, Oblivion, and World of warcraft though I ended that addiction a while ago since I didnt have anyone else to play it with around here since others were quiting.... my favorite game of all time i think would be my new skyrim game or kingdom hearts since I fell in love with that game as soon as I played it....... do you play any online games?
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    I KNEW IT! hahaha! turns out that i'm a hitman who will sneak on you later at night you?? hahaha

    REEEAAALLLY?!?!? supeer coool! but i envy you for having those consoles. right now, i only have my psp and pc as my game consoles. for some unknown reason, our PS2 got broken while i was playing resident evil 4. i guess zombies were too much for it to handle. haha. hopefully i can buy a PS3..i'm already missing a lot of good games so all i can do right now is play the old ones..
    when it comes to genre, i'm more into first-person shooter, stealth games, rpg and a bit of strategy games. how about you??
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    good luck! im sure you'll have fun! it's really good meeting other people who have the same interests as yours. to be honest, that's my sole purpose why i joined here. other than looking for a good anime to watch, i also want to meet people who are fond of games. haha. until now, i'm still looking for fellow gamers here. i've met some but i never really had an actual conversation with them. unfortunately, i don't know when i'll leave this forum cause i never really planned on being a permanent member here. i guess i had too much fun. haha

    hmmmm...ARE YOU A SPYYYY???? hahaha
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    ohhh. a cosplayeer! aweesome! i'm Loxaerion by the way! hahaha. sorry for the late introduction. nice to meet you Kazama! i'm looking forward to seeing your loooong hair when you put your pic here. haha
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    How does the forum seem this far?

    click on 'view conversation 'and write there if you want to answer
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