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    O_O That's insane! How do you manage to keep up with it all?!?
    We just did a lab on electricity and magnetism. Electricity is easy for me (years of experience) Magnetism on the other hand is insane, but I like a challenge
    What is involved in biological medical tech? O-o

    At the moment I'm not a physics major but I can see this changing in the future. I'm looking into a few more physics classes for next semester atm.
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    ...I will honestly consider staying, if you do something for me? If you want to know why I feel the way I do, please watch the first vid. Give me your honest opinion....I'll wait here for your reply. The reason, I ask this of you if because I've read some threads where people on here that seem so nice can be so ugly to other people. And I just don't want to say something one day that gets me lynched like some on here.
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    Just don't feel like I belong. lol You're the only one I can talk my love for hockey, and I don't want you feeling burdened about it. Ah you won't miss me. Oh, yeah you're really cute!
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    I'll reply to this tonight. Don't worry.
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    You're welcome, probably may not be coming back and I wanted someone special to have it. Plus, I hope your Habs can right their ship? It just doesn't seem right to have an original 6 team doing that poorly. lol Well, I might drop in from time to time....but I dunno.
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    Transferred most of the Gil I saved up. Use it wisely. Lol....I don't think I'll be needing it.
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    (part II) other post was to long, sorry

    I don't have alot of free time for classes with work so I made time to take this one class.
    Your in more than one physics class at once?!? That's got to be insane.
    I'm already putting in 20 hours a week into this one class -_-
    What all are you currently studying?
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    Sure, no problem. I stumbled across that website while doing some homework. I had no idea how vast physics was
    Rotational Inertia you say. I didn't find it to be too hard. It made much more sense to me once we did a demo of someone sitting on a bar stool that swivels with weights in both hands and spinning slowly with their arms extended and faster with the weights retracted to their chest (if that makes sense) Did they make you find out how the wheels on a train work when taking a turn?
    Yes, no matter how hard I try to get ahead of the material I am always behind -_- there is just so much stuff to grasp. I have to go over the material again and again until it makes sense (usually after a few hours lol) but it's a rewarding challenge because its something I can see working in the real world everyday, even if I can't calculate it that well yet xD
    I'm only in conceptual physics 1100 at the moment.
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    thats what I'm here for I guess :P
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    Tanks for the post likeage! I assume you're an Alex too? Or are just amused by my ego :P
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