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  1. Well, I (half) made the avatar.

    I searched for Azumanga Daioh avatar and found the Osaka and Chiyo picture then I added the BG and spazzed it up, lol.

    I remember when I first started out romanizing, the "ha" and "wa" used to confuse me so much. It's funny to think how far I've progessed since then sometimes. Another thing that drives me insane are the people who spell "heiwa" like "heewa," "eiga" like "eega" and so on. That really, really drives me crazy.

    And now I need to check out this azusnowball~
  2. As a fellow lyrics romanizer, I love your signature.
  3. Oh well, OK.
    Hiya, I'm... well, you can see my name, do you?
    Tyraxx, my name.
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    I just saw you online, I'm Kuroobunny
    Negavibes.. kyaaaa...
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    Heyy.. I just saw that you're online. Let's get along!
  6. Lol, that's why you wrote me a pm?
    Anyway, there're a lot of coincidences in the world, are they...
    BTW, I'm sorry if it bothers you, but I really didn't know when I started to use the name.
    It's been years already that I'm using this name, and btw it has nothing to do with T-rex, it just sounds coll for me.
    I'm sorry but I have nothing to do with that Dryaxx
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    Hey.Your name reminds of this friend of mine,who's username is Dryaxx
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Guys, yes it is "ha" (は), but in this case it is pronounced "wa" (は). Though it's written the same it's pronounce different.
So don't just write "ha" in the romaji.
"Anata ha..."?, don't screw with me, what are you guys doing, using an "direct kana to romaji convertor"?
Man, this always makes me so furious.


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