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    Omigod mah clone. XD I wasn't sure if you still logged on much. =3

    Well hey I was just about ready to leave too, I have some interviews today, so I am excite. owo Have fun at work. >w< *glomps~*
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    I recently got praise for another game I made, really happy.
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    EEYYY!! *ubernomglomptackles* Dunno if you got my last text or not, figured I'd drop by AF real quick just to see what all the fuss was about. =P

    So hey, looks like you're starting to get a bit more active around here, huh~? :>
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    So, how's life now? I can't sleep again T_T
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    Anyway I'm not sure how often you log on (probably more often than me lately <~<; ), but since my phone is getting really low on minutes, and I rarely have the time to log into AF, I was thinking that we could maybe start IMing each other over FB. It's just a lot quicker. x.x; I'd hopefully be able to check at least once or twice a day. =s

    But anyhow I hope you're having a snazztastic time at work and any where else you might be. c: Talk to you soon~. <3 *buries your house in chocolate because I can*
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    *powerglomps* I'm so sorry about not replying much lately, so much has been happening (requiring me to use my phone way more than usual), and I think I'm actually starting to stress. =/

    I miss you a lot, and I wish I could log on more often, even if just to say "SUP" now and then. School is going snazzy, nothing too crazy there thank goodness. xx It's great your dad is enjoying his AA classes, it's a relief to hear that things have been going well. ^^ If he's willing to put himself through AA in order to change himself around, I'm sure you won't have much to worry about. =)
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    When were you planning on applying for that management position by the way? =o youshouldtotallygivemeajob *cough* XD Well, I'm already only at 9 units (full-time is 12), but perhaps taking a Language class during a semester I was planning on looking for a job wasn't the brightest idea. xD; Speaking of da college, are you still wanting to try and take a few graphic design classes? =3

    I had no idea my table flips were so destructive. D: I must refrain from flipping anything in the vicinity of a Starbucks then~.

    Yeah, court trials are sometimes really interesting. Some of the weirdest things happen. o.o (Plus they have a good café @w@) And we're having a mock CSI next week for class, and I was assigned with evidence gathering and analysis. So I'm excited~. x3 As for the internship, it looks like I need to ask my professor for a letter of recommendation, so I'm gonna do that soon, probably after the midterm.

    So has everything been okay the past few days? *hugs*
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    Blech, been busy the past few days. >_< Yeah I know English is a pain for foreigners, and then I think it was Arabic and Mandarin that were some of the hardest for English and European language speakers. Hmm I could help you with some Japanese sure, but I'm not really fluent, I'm still studying too. xD What would you like to learn? owo

    Nahh, I'm sure you did a perfect job. x3 But the one character limitation in the beginning is probably wise~. ^^ I would write more, but, college. ._. All I really have time for is writing homework and papers. >~> I'll try and start on something soon though, cuz I really miss it.

    THE COMFORTER WILL BE EPIC. ;u; fdhskjladf<3 Then I'll respond to the letter and you can see my awful handwriting, caused by several years writing on a computer instead of paper! Derp.
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    Ooh that's a good idea! I think management would work really well for you. I know you can do it~. x3 That store would have the best manager evar. *^* Unlike if I were manager, I'd have coffee machines and videogames in every section. :3 No advertising for banoes though; that's our thing. :B

    D'aww~, I actually like college, but it's getting to the point where I seriously want to put it on the back burner while I look for a job. I can only get so much apps done when I'm at the school for an average of 8 hours a day with at least 4 more hours of homework. =/ And the lack of a car doesn't help. ._. /woeisme

    Yeah, I should be getting those extra minutes by the end of this month, so I'm excited too. @w@ And your clone will always be here~. =>

    Collateral damage? Nonsense! I'm very precise with my table flipping. :3 I'm going to observe some trials for my Criminal Justice class. :> Soon I'm gonna start looking for internships too~. Not sure how far I'll get but it's worth a shot. =D
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    One character at a time makes sense, I mean I never really do multiple characters at once anyway so I of course won't have a problem with it. xD I don't think anyone else will mind either~. :>

    Hmm, maybe I should then. >3> But I'm not sure if I'd continue an older story or start a new one. o_o; Plus if I'm gonna start writing again I need to read more. Reading always gives me motivation to write something epic. >w< Speaking of which I still need to finish Inheritance.. *dies* Oh I see why you don't want to make the chapters too long when you post em on the forum. =o I still want to read it all though. :B

    AWW, you're so sweet~!! >//< *kisses your cheek* <333 And for some reason I KNEW too, so I didn't say anything when I first got it. DDx ICOULDALWAYSUSEANOTHERTHOUGH *flails arms dramatically* Dx
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