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    i don't take anything for anxiety, i have an addictive personality so i get addicted to anxiety medications too easily. i've been addicted to xanax and buspar before, also myriad painkillers.

    you must be right about Gohan not being able to go super saiyan anymore, cause i'm watching him get his ass handed to him by Super Buu and thinking just go super saiyan dude. losing that ability sealed his fate. Gohan is supposed to be stronger than both Goku and Vegeta, so if he could go super saiyan Goku could have fused with him and been even more powerful than Vegito.

    i thought the Bojack movie was kind of cheap, the enemies were not memorable at all and once Gohan went SS2, there was no challenge left and all tension was dissolved.

    i wish i could find battle of gods online somewhere, it's nearly impossible to find.

    lol Hercule just pulled a gun on Majin Buu. i was thinking where did that gun come from? has he had it all along? why didn't he use it before?
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    Ha! Yeah I know right! xD Im sitting right now with the glasses on the nose (havn't ordered home new contact lenses yet) trying to study but the glasses are just falling down to the tip of my nose all the time... I feel like a stereotypical anime-figur, just having to push them back up all the time with one of my fingers, haha! Sooooo annoying! Yeah I really suck at math too, honestly I don't think I will pass the exam tomorrow but I think I will go down and do it anyway and hopefully I can manage atleast one of the parts of the exam (its going to be divided into parts) so I don't have to have as many parts to the retake-exam that is.... some time in the beginning of january I think. Anyway, talking about christmas, watch Arthur Christmas if you havn't done that yet. These last couple of days I have watched several times between the study sessions and I LOVE that movie, haha! So funny.
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    yeah, Kid Buu. i mean of course i knew the z fighters would win, but it kinda sucks already knowing the grand finale of the arc. and that's lame, i wanted to see SS3 Gohan.

    i know that Toriyama wanted to keep the visuals for SS God as close to Goku's normal appearance as possible, but he just ended up looking like he was using the kaio ken all the time. pretty lame.

    Hercule definitely has his moments, and yeah i see that. i just find it kind if annoying that everyone treats him like a god, even though he's useless.

    i just realized i've been holding my abdomen in all night. stupid anxiety.
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    i kind of spoiled a lot of DBZ and DBGT for myself by watching youtube videos of fights and shit. i already know exactly how Buu dies, which is unfortunate. i've heard that Gohan becomes a vagina [sic] at the end of Z, and won't go super saiyan because "he doesn't need it".

    also i've seen a bit of Super Saiyan God, kind of disappointed that he Goku's appearance is so normal, was hoping he'd take some badass form like SS4.

    i've been marathoning DBZ, like 10 episodes a day, so i got through it pretty quickly. normally shows with 200+ episodes peter out quickly (naruto, bleach) but dbz has held my interest the whole way. just wish there wasn't so much comedic relief, like with Hercule. he's not usually not funny and i'm not really interested in his character.

    he's not in GT is he?
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    same here, 11th Hour is fantastic and tons of fun to play on guitar. i'm on the Buu saga. just got to Super Buu fighting Super Saiyan Gotenks. i heard GT is a lot more laid back until you get to the end.
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    watching DBZ and wondering what your favorite Lamb of God album is
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    Well its... so so. I just found out that I have no spare contact lenses so right now I am walking around with my old glasses aaaaaaand I am not that comfortable with them, ha! It's just that my eyesight is really horrible so right now I have a really clear "box" that I see really clearly in and around that box in my eyevision it's really blurry. Kind of like this:

    Other than that I am trying to study math (its not going so well), I have a test next week, and another one the week after that. So relaxing that you always have so many things to to at the same time right before the christmas holiday, haha! Are going to boil myself a cup of tea and then watch the movie "elf" and trying to get more of the christmas-feeling. ^^
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    hey man. how's it going?
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    hey thanks for accepting my friend request
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    I don't even remember what test we even talked about xD

    Fine fine, nothing special or over-the-top-new-exciting-news to report from over here... :o
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