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    Pfft, I'm probably the most boring one I know xD And America so does not do anything better o_o This country currently sucks... kids keep getting popular for autotuning their voices, and our president does nothing for us. >.>;; And I don't mean to diss anyone... but it's been 2 years and noone's changed anything. D:

    Really? *glomps your gf and her mom* That's awesome x3 You're probably the first person I've met that has said something nice about Wiccans. Thanks

    That's a really cool belief^^ That makes sense, because mankind doesn't really have a purpose other than improvement. Maybe it's all just a test to see what species can create things for the worlds :3 Sounds cool xD

    Vampires = win XD I'd love to read them sometime~ got any published? If you're still working on them, keep up the good work^^ I hope your books get published, and if they are already published I hope they get popular-er. Hopefully Yukari has a character with a habit for romance xD
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    Me too

    Oh, I'm American xD Thanksgiving is a day that we celebrate in our country. It's supposed to be a day where we give thanks for having the world, people around us, air, water, food, earth, fire, etc. Just give thanks for something xD You're supposed to give gifts to others and celebrate by having a feast. XD I don't like getting dragged into religious stuff either. I'm Wiccan, and I already get enough crap about that. So I just sorta tune out everything religious besides what's in my own religion. What's Experamentalism? I had a good time too :3 and I'm glad your time was good XD

    Luna is 14 :3 and yeah. Yukari said she was on autumn break at her school, and here in the US (I'm pretty sure she lives in the US xD) the break was either all last week, three days of last week, or two days of last week and today. She said she'd sign up when she got back from break, so I think she might sign up tomorrow xD

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    I'm sorry, I hope he becomes less twat-ish. xD Dx

    Fun is fun~ did you celebrate Thanksgiving with your girlfriend? Do you even celebrate Thanksgiving? Even if you didn't, I hope you had a great time x3

    Yeah, noone's posted too much yet... I wish more people would sign up for my RP ;n;
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    Things are good xD I cleaned my room today and discovered I actually have a floor O_O; I'm going to be moving in three weeks, too, so it'll be fun~ :3

    No time and no connection? I'm sorry~ where're you going? It might end up being more fun than what you think^^ Pfft, I know what you mean XD It annoys me when a bunch of people are online and noone posts TT~TT
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    Nah it's fine. I'm online a lot but I don't do much lately. Late on some school work so I'm trying to keep up with that. Plus some family and friend issues, not to mention we're busy making plans for the holidays... Anyhow, I've posted my Wonderland bit (so short ;A; ), and I'll try to have LOTU up by tomorrow evening, seeing as how I have class all afternoon.

    I don't mind you and Yukari bugging me to post, lol. I'm more of a writer than an RPer, so I'm used to taking things at my own pace, as slow as it may be. >.> So some pushing is necessary xD
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    Hey. Are you gonna post as Lucas soon?
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    I'm fine, just having a bit of trouble deciding how to actually write out my post. I'm participating in a pretty fast-paced game in the Misc section at the moment so I'm sorry that I'm not working on my RPG post just yet. x_x The game will be paused in about an hour, but I also have a church meeting scheduled tonight as well. If I don't post in Wonderland by tonight, expect it by tomorrow afternoon at the latest.

    Again sorry for being so inactive OTL

    And what's up with Yukari? I saw her on MSN a lot lately so I didn't think there was anything wrong; just perhaps she was having a bit of writer's block like me.
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    Do you want to private message a roleplay before I authorize the forum?
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    just ask anything and i'll let you know on what you need or anything. i'm the Bleach doctor round these parts. it really simple. making a sword with whatever powers you want. You have magic spells you can use, hand to hand, sword fighting, you can move really fast. Anything just ask me I would really love for you to join.
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