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    hi how are u
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    Hey Angelik is up if you still wanna join? Let anyone else who you think might be interested to just give it a read.
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    Yeah I plan on signing up for it as soon as I get to a computer. Let othrrs kno to look at my blog and giv me there comments
  4. It wont be all stats. It just wont be massively complex dice rolls, but an element if randomness applys. Take the previous scenario, "I have Str11 and cant do this." If a person has Str 11, they will still have a chance. It is just more reliant on Statistics.

    And no worrys, Ill keep you with them The options Still there for if you need it.
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    ...But then again, this will be a forum RPG, so naturally things will have to be altered, lol. That's just my two cents; it seems like it could get really redundant and dull really fast if you did nothing but relied on the stats. Take the previous scenario I mentioned, for instance. "My STR is only 11, so I'll never be able to perform this action", whereas in legit D&D there would certainly be a chance if the person rolled a 13 or higher with the d20. So do you have any idea what you're gonna do about stuff like that? This is merely a suggestion, but if I were GMing, I would most likely use either real dice rolls or a die roll program on my laptop to determine the outcome of major actions.

    Anyway, I don't think it would be necessary to cut my character off from the party. I'm pretty sure the rest of the RPers have semi-busy lives as well, so I doubt I'd get too far behind, and as you've seen, I don't mind creating massive posts to catch up, lol.
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    I don't mean to sound like a downer, but if the stats are really going to be as important as they are in the original D&D, then that would leave a LOT of power up to you. Dice results are also taken into account when performing actions that concern stats and saving throws, and so if we don't have that variable to play with, then most everything would fall under your discretion. I don't think it would work to post something like "you need a STR stat of at least 13 to perform this action (DC 13)", because to me it seems like the random throw of the dice determines practically everything that happens in-game. A part of the fun in D&D is the luck involved, whereas if you automatically set a limit, then people will already know if they'll succeed or not.
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    Let's bring this to VMs so that we're not ranting in the Sign Up thread, lol.

    But ofc, I'd be interested in a D&D RPG. :3 However considering the term just started and I'm also looking for a part-time job, I don't know if I'd be able to participate very much, especially if you start it anytime soon. That AND I'm still waiting for Wonderland and FA to start back up. So yeah, between school, looking for a job, and two other RPGs, I doubt I'd be very active for a while.
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    D'aww, shucks. Sorry about the terribly late reply =x Happy New Year's!!

    That's the link to the picture so you can put it in your sig. :3

    Aw, thanks :3
    Homestuck is a webcomic like Order of the Stick. It's not about Dungeons and Dragons though. It's more futuristic, and deals with gaming. You should check it out :-)
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    I know it's not the best m(_ _)m if you don't like it I understand OTL

    Ohh, that sounds cool! I may start reading it :-) Winter break is coming up soon over here, so I should have some free time xDD I love anything that involves a dungeons and dragons universe. :3
    I don't know what D&D or anything of what you mentioned is ^^; Sorry, I'm a dumb blonde XD

    By any chance do you read Homestuck?
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    My apologies, I haven't started on the signature much yet.
    I'm trying to catch up in RPGs and notifications on deviantART and AnimeForum right now, so as soon as I'm done with that I'll begin working on it. Once again I apologize :x
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