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    my skype is adremalech_silver if you wanna add me
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    i'm just waiting til i can get a good way to watch anime. well enzai and fake most recently, fake was good. what other kinds of anime do you watch? like whats your favorite
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    i'm unfortunately not reading any manga, but i do like yaoi. i'm not even watching any anime atm. i'm waiting til i can afford a good pc so i can hook it up to my tv and get crystal clear image
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    same here, sans the manga. just got an lg smartphone with unlimted talk and text and 250 mb data, already went through 200 in 2 days. gotta upgrade my plan to 2.5 gigs for an extra $20 a month. having a phone is grrrrreat, specially a smart phone, i'm typing this on it right now kekeke. what mangas are you reading?
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    no he just gets told "no!", waits 10 seconds, then goes back to what he was doing.

    sigh... what're you up to
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    a 5 yo with adhd? i thought that set in during puberty. maybe my nephew has it too, he doesn't f*ckin listen and is always getting into sh*t.

    ugghh, another night with NOTHING TO DO. i've got $200 in my account and no way to spend it (no car). f*ckin sh*t.
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    oh there's dozens of weightloss programs, P90x is probably the best from what i've seen. just don't buy into the fad diets, the only real way to lose weight legit is diet and exercise. i find large women just as attractive as skinny though, up to the point of obesity.

    i'm holding my 1 year old nephew and typing one handed :3 he's fat
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    yeah my step-sister does home healthcare too, makes like $10 an hour. great fuckin' money, if i were you i wouldn't even worry about finding an official job. 600-800 a week ._. thats about 3 times what i make lol. i couldn't take care of old people or babies. changing diapers turns me off in a big way lol. as soon as a kid gets out of diapers, i wouldn't have a problem with it, i enjoy the company of children.

    it says on your profile you're bisexual. hawt. bisexual men like me are not nearly as hot ._. oh and sorry for the late response
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    cool, cool. i wish i could stay home and play video games or write, 3rd shift is so weird for me. at least i'm finally getting more than 4 hours of sleep -_-. where do you work?
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    i call false advertising oh well i'm sure you're just as pretty.

    what are your plans for tonight? i'm going into work in like half an hour -_-
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About Machipa
Well, I love sleeping, chocolate, yaoi, winter, and being lazy :P. I'm bisexual. That person you see on my profile is not me. She is the cute Korean dancer called MiU from Waveya c:.
Basketball, manga, anime, badminton
Sales Associate - Fabco Shoes


Don't sass me.


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