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    how are you and happy new year!
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    nom non nom nom <3
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    Are you still on animeforum? :x
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    Sorry it took me so long time to answer! xD But hey, it has been summer now and I don't sit infront of the computer as much then. But for the moment Im back now. My brother also worked at a retirement home this summer, so I got a little hunch about how it is to work there, even if he didn't wanted to talk about it so much. The love/hate feeling about the summer I understand hands down. I love that you are free to to whatever you want (I usually work night at the summer so Im free during the days) but I hate that it's often to warm outside. How so many in my surrondings dreams about moving to another country is a mystery to me... seems awfully hot and warm. Sure, my name is Karolina. I like it.
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    Thank you for the gift! What are you working with? The only thing I have been doing today is that I had a seminar today. It went quite alright. Was a couple of places in my essay that was written in "talking language" so I need to change that and some other parts before it's done. But I think I will do that later on this week since it's so late now so Im planning to go to the bed and sleep soon.
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    Like when we talk it sounds like we are "singing" because wE Are SoUNding like tHIs.... Our VooOOoooOOooooices goOes up And DoWns..... lol. I would love to hear how I sounds like when Im talking; if I sound like a dramatic soap opera even if Im just complaining about the overcooked potatoes that would make me lol so much. xD Something that I am thankful for is that I am from german. It would make so sad to know that people whould find that I sounded like a boulder filled with smaller rocks... >_> I rather sound like I am singing then knowing that I would have one of the most "non-beautiful" langugages in the word. :3
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    You are ar breaking up with me after several hundreds of years NOW because you han't noticed my lenght before? Bastard ... I am not sure that I want to save your pity little ass now.

    I liked the finnish song of that. It was really good. At the moment I think that that one and the japanese one is amoung the best ones. Talking about dubs again but when you click around on youtube you'll see that many usually do place the swedish ones amoung the top since "we are good at it". I have heard that people like the way we are singing since we sound very "singing" naturually in our voices so it sounds good while we do sing.
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    (continued) Aaaah yeeeeeez Im so sorry of posting so much stuff on your wall but I found this on youtube and I just HAD TO SHARE IT WITH YOU... hihi* hope you will forgive me for 1) taking up so much space with post after post on your wall and 2) for.... well you will see.

    M'wife...?? *cries*

    Here are some hetalia/south park fanart pictures:
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    (continued) But when it comes to the beautiful calm songs I think that the polish ones are really good. Polish is a very beautiful language when it comes to singing so its really fits to those things. BUT ooohhhhh... the best disney song that I know that are in the english version is the Tarzan songs with Phil Collins? They are wonderful! Often I think disney songs sounds best when they are in the language where the movie is. Like one of the best songs of Beauty and the Beast are in french and Mulan in mandarin. Something else... I LOVE the english voice in the beginning of Beauty and the Beast.. o_o it make my spine chill!

    Listen to this: I LOVE THIS VERSION!
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    (continued) Yes I am studying to become a teacher - so I hope that the finnish text actually says something like that? xD So it doesn't say something completely different O///////O Thank you for the video clip but to be honest Scar sounds way better in swedish since the swedish actor "sings stronger" and really have that "feeling" in his voice. The finnish singer I don't think sing so... hard and have much feelings in his voice. BUT the hyenas sounds better in finnish then they do in swedish.. I don't like their swedish voices so much. :S Alot of songs I thinks sounds better in other languages then the english ones - but that is because the english use to have actors instead of singers while we use to have it the other way around: singers that are the voices. That's why the songs usually are better in swedish compared with the english versions.
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