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    I cant remember that episode. :S Guess I have to rewatch avatar some time. It will come a new avatar serie now but Im not sure when it will be out, do you perhaps know that?
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    I missed you.
    where are you?
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    yes,but I gues I don't have talent in drawing
    sorry for late reply back.
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    OMC... I'm sorry about this late reply D;
    Yes, I agree, however, most people disregard grey -_- I am also not very religious, but it's true that most religions have good guidelines. I go Zen Death Note was a great anime. It really has moments that make you think about certain things. Light was right on many notes. Yes, I agree with you on that as well. I'm not sure I'd have done everything he did as he did. I mean, after all, I'm still my own person and thus I'll act differently on some occasions.
    Conflicting indeed, but quite interesting, wouldn't you say? It's quite the mix and it makes for unique perspectives
    Mmm, well, I love both subjects. I'd originally planned on studying General Medicine but recently I decided to go into Law instead when it came time to make a decision. New reasons, new choices. I'm sticking with Psychology while doing law for my own interests and because it could be useful in my field Heh, also, I'm not that smart. I just have to work hard x.x!
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    Don't worry about the late reply~ It happens :3 Cool, I don't know what to watch right now xD I'm just waiting for recommendations from my more tv addicted friends right now. Haha, I know. Hmm... I'm not sure which I am. I mean, I can be evil, but, that side of me is only revealed when someone I care about is hurt... At the same time, I have to wonder, is it right to hurt someone who has hurt someone else? It doesn't actually justify anything at all, does it? Hmm... I guess I have something to ponder for a while now, lol :3 So, you think you have MPD? Weird, but ever so intriguing, to me anyway >_< I may be studying psychology while studying law, so I take an interest in things like that x_x;
  6. Never seen it XD but I was asking my friend for Halloween costume ideas and she said, "You should be The Crow!" I was like "lolwho," and when I looked it up I thought it looked awesome, have the movie waiting in my Netflix queue, just gotta get money so I can unfreeze my account and watch >_>
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    xD Really? Oooh, yeah, I know what you mean v.v lol, hey, everyone's writing is different. Poetry cannot truly be judged when there are so many different kinds and such, you know? :3 Cool! lol, I'm pretty sure it would lead to some hilarious moments xDDD Ah, well, I told em straight up and I'll never regret it ^_^ LOL, I can't say I'm all good and pure, I come off more as evil and dark o.o Plus... I can be sadistic sometimes Dx So, that just adds to it, lol
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    xD Cool. Omg, poor Penelope xD I still love Reid though, lol. Oh, okay. Yes. That's true, it was based off of it, but it was still kinda cool imo Meh, my poetry isn't that good, lol. I could link you one of the poems I have online, or you could check my posts and find my poem Temptation on the forums Cooool! The seven deadly sins are each represented by demons ^_^ Lust is represented by Asmodeus. And I believe Lust would be awesome, since he's supposed to personify the sin xP Yup, I know v.v Sad, isn't it? Oh well, I gave em what was coming to em. xDDD Red Mist, huh? But goody two shoes? Nice, lol.
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    xD Ikr! He's awesome like that, lol
    SF is cool, but I seriously love Tekken more Did you watch the Tekken Movie?
    LOL, I have about 3 female friends who I consider 'friends' cause most of the other girls I know are just drama and all about boys all the time -_- lol, I still pass for a girl, but when I get to talking about some things, it makes some people wonder xD I actually write poems alot ^^ I have a series of poems for the 7 deadly sins going I'm hoping to finish it before next week ^^ You shouldn't give up that easily. I'm pretty sure your work would be cool I know I'm like that sometimes, but I keep all my poems anyway, lol.
    XD Nah, I don't think so. I was the girl everyone thought they could push around and tease. I couldn't take it anymore and fought back, earning a reputation... >///<;;
    xD I don't doubt that. You'd probably be more awesome than the average sidekick though! xP
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About Xangsong

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About Xangsong
I am pretty new to anime (since about '08). I haven't been exposed to much just yet, but practically everything I have seen so far I like. I am also a J-rock/pop/metal fan.

Animes I have seen episodes of (that I remember): Deathnote, Hellsing, Hellsing Ultimate, Fruits Basket, Fullmetal Alchemist, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Devil May Cry, Samurai Champloo, Dragonball Z, Pokemon, School Rumble

Animes I have finished watching: Trigun, Soul Eater

Bands I Listen To: LINKIN PARK, Chevelle, Trapt, Three Days Grace, Marilyn Manson, My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Metallica

J-rock Bands I Listen To: Gackt, Miyavi, the GazettE, Alice Nine, Malice Mizer, Moi dix Mois, DespairsRay, Girugamesh, Matenrou Opera

Favorite Video Games: Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Tekken Series, Fable, Fallout 3, Resident Evil (1&3)
A place so dark you can't see the end.
Drawing, Writing, Guitar, Video Games


Fellow Linkin Park fans, join the LP group! ~Here


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