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  1. (cont.)
    I get this "teenager-rebel" thing not through acts (like most of "teens"), but through observing people and understanding how they "work".
    Even though i sometimes get sad, i keep smilling everyday.
    Talk about boys is not at all my fav subject of the day xD, and i get more along with boys, because some girls piss me off with that minor vision of things. I am a tomboy. And i love extrem sports and imagining what people call of "impossible", witch for me, does not existe and it is nothing but another excuse.

    (sorry for the TMI xD)
  2. no.. you're ok ^-^
    hm.. i'm blond and i have blue eyes.
    Well for me people who are diferent are beautiful and everyone else who are"normal" are boring xD .I don't get why people in general make excusses just as "hey look at her. *giggles* shes so taky" when they inconsciously whant to be like them. So for me it goes like this: I have importante things in my live (like everyone else) but those are not "objects", they are fellings and -since words mean nothing too me- Art. I express through Draw and Theater, through the loud sound of Music\Songs with meaning.
  3. LOL xD yeah thats pity ...till i see you? haha~why? how do you look like?
  4. Hahahaha xD so you think i'm cute or that i have a diff personality? xD.. and now i m curious - ... LOL.. hm... tell me more! xDD(if i may ask that of you ofc :3 )
  5. LOL its ok really ....^-^
    hm... yes i am in high school(freashman) <---taking Arts
    About boys... hm.. well i like when they don't do much questions and just observe from affar and try to figure me out before they talk too me xD ...i like the bad boys tipe xD but not the ones that are allways fitting D: the ones like Usui Takumi(kaichou wa maid-sama), Ikuto(shugo chara), etc, etc. LOL actually the ones like those two are perfect for me xD (since i'm somewhat alike Misaki(kwms)) LOL what about you? :3
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    You change the look at your page by clicking on "customize" it is an icon you should see to the right on this page, under the buttoms that says "thread tags/ mentions /quotes". The icon looks like a brush and you can see it just next to the box where others can write in if they want to write something on your page (just on top of this message)

    Do you understand how you should do?
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    (continued message... sorry for that)
    When it comes to the school year you usually start it at the end of august. Our school year are divided into 2 semesters so the first one is between august until the end of december and then the next one begins in january and ends in the beginning of june. And between that we have holidays and all those things.

    Aaaaww thank you for calling me young ~ <3

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    (continued message)
    And after that you can choose as I said before if you want to start the gymnasium or not, but almost everyone does since it's principle compulsory anyway (like you are hardy getting any job if you havn't). After these nine years you can go to the university if you want.

    Our school is free of charge in sweden, we don't pay for the "12 years" in school and the universitys and all that is free of charge aswell (the only thing you have to pay for when you end the gymnasium and want to continue to study is the books - but before that even those are free and provided by the schools), and we don't have any school uniforms either.
    How is the school system over at your place?
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    Oh no but I don't know how to explain this in english but I'll try. You have 9 years in school that is compulsory and then you can choose if you want to go another three years in school - at the gymnasium (or upper secondary school).

    You start at pree-school and goes there between you are 1-5 years old. Then you start pree-school class when you are 6 years old and goes there for 1 year.
    Then you start primary school when you are around 6-7 years old and that one is in 3 parts: junior level, intermediate level and lastly upper level lower secondary school. You are in each "step" for 3 years and junior and intermediate use to be at the same school, so you usually gets to a new school by the time you're getting to the upper level lower secondary school.
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    "Customize my profile " -> "Page background" -> "Use Image"
    where you'll be able to upload your own picture.
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