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    I can watch, the hole season of ranma on YouTube.

    It is really fun and to watch. Ranma get his ass kick up and down the street.

    Or seeing ranma kicking ass up and down the street.
  2. What's new with you?
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    He's amusing alright but I don't want to say to much and possibly ruin his character for you. I hope you go through with starting one cuz that's something I would definitely be interested in. I'll try and think of a name but I'm not always the most creative ^_^
  4. Lol, i'm ok and I hope you get your door hinges fixed soon.
  5. hey, how are you today?
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    Really? I can't imagine Soun and Genma not being friends! I don't know much about the manga because I haven't read it yet. My library used to carry it but when they moved it got "lost" >_< I can think of some characters I don't like but none of them are the main ones. I don't care for the prinicipal of Furikan (I don't know that you'll see him in Season 3 yet) Well most of the ones I don't like you haven't gotten to yet but once you get into season 5 I think it is you'll run across some characters that just seem, under developed. Yeah I'll have to check out your fanfic. It was a good idea to start small before possibly going out and starting your own Ranma comm (though I would join ^_^) I'm definitely interested!
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    hehe i see..yup i just joined a few weeks ago too <3~
    i'm fine thx for bout u..?
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    It was my first anime ever and it will alway be my favorite. I just finish re watching all 161 episodes on youtube. Now to watch the ova's and the movies ^_^
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    Yeah I'm always amazed at how few people know of Ranma. I'd like to think it's a classic and it's stood the test of time but I guess not >_< I haven't been able to find any active Ranma forums either. Like you said they have all been inactive for years! I'd like to read your fanfic sometime. I'm sure it must be interesting ^_^ Its good to have character development otherwise their really is no story. My favorite Relationships in Ranma ummmm. gotta me Soun/Genma (those two should have their own tv show) Ranma/Akane (its fun to watch their hate turn into love yet they never admit it ^_^) Ranma/Ukyo (she was always my favorite and I hoped Ranma would go with her even though I knew it wasn't going to happen) Kuno/Kodachi (it's alway fun to watch those to fight over all the little things) Honestly I can't thing of any one of the main characters I don't like on that show.
  10. That's very interesting since I seem to get along better with girls, especially in the forums. There's no real reason why I asked other than curiousity, but it's always nice to have another girl around here and I hope we get a chance to get to know each other better!
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