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    Is this Senpai someone from online ;_;. Wait ;_; by Transgender are we talking about some dude that wants to be a girl or some girl that wants to be a guy >.>;. I think dango-chan's met some weird people online lol. Yeah i would think KaiLen would be generic when u think they're the most popular male vocaloid characters. So that pairing doesnt surprise me at all. Im sure it's really popular.
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    Oh that's cool, who is your new senpai? So some random person role-playing as len raped Kaito and since kaito is the submissive type u just played along ;_;. Where these other people guys role-playing haha if they were, I think they totally got off on that xD. Why dont u like kailen?
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    That sucks >_>; how're classes this year? Yeah sure send me your user pages ^^. Haha kaito's a whore?? U got people banned?? Just what have u been doing with kaito ;_;. Yeah the episode was good and explained a lot of things. It just didn't have much action. Im sure the next episode will though. I still dont understand why Aoba took his sweet time to get ready when the police was after him lol.
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    Your school already started? I thought your break would at least end in beginning of September. That sucks T_T; I hope it isn't too bad this year. Give me a link when u post something on there. I'll check it out ^^. Haha im surprised u didn't start role-playing him earlier >.>; I just hope this role-playing is kept at a PG-13 level xD. What did u think of the new episode of DMMD?
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    What have u been busy with? Yep I know deviantART. I used to get my Photoshop brushes from there. I dont go on there anymore though. Do u go there?
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    Has your computer use been restricted lol. Nope I heard they were going to come out with a remake version but I didn't really look for it. It looks a lot better. It is on Nyaa torrents. Here's the download link....
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    Hey, here is the link of u need it ^^
    this episode was alright. It got a little boring with all the talking, but it did explain everything at least. So >.>; that's what u meant when u said Aoba broke Mizuki haha I guess he really did break him ;_;. The episode ended pretty nicely ^^. I don't know why he was taking his sweet time >_>; getting ready though with the police after him.
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    The search for Nyaa torrent sucks ^^ so u have to type "dramatical murder episode 2" or something and they have names like dramatical murder_2 or dramatical murder_ep_2 it doesnt show up -_-;. So i normally just type the name of the anime ^^. And i didnt know u could go to HorribleSubs like that. That's pretty cool. Oh >.>; that sounds like he will disappear from the anime then xD. He had a pretty cool character design too. Poor Mizuki T_T; he only made it to ep 5.
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    Oh im glad u found it. I just go to and search "dramatical murder" ^^. U can get a new episodes Sunday. Haha I was wondering that the entire time ^^ im like >.>; the person dango-chan liked is Mizuki. So, I wonder what she'll think about this ^^. Poor Mizuki ;_; he didn't even get a route and now he's broke ;_;. I bet u were yelling at your computer screen xD. Do u think he'll be in the future episodes at all after this >.>;. Nu project dive ;_; maybe dango-chan just isn't meant to play/watch certain things. First Madoka Magica movie and now >.>; project diva ;_; lol jk. I hope u get it soon >_>; I mean reordering it would suck considering how long the first order took to FINALLY get to the post office. >_>; 15 plus sounds boring. I bet all the gore has been reduced to paper cuts xD. Oh that would be cool ^^ if they have a different variation of the story. It might be worth :3
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    I watched episode 5 of DMMd last night and it looks like it's starting to get interesting. All the characters are together now. I still dont see a hint of which couple they will have if any. Here is the link in case u didnt download it yet
    Let me know what u think c: and if u have any idea which route they're going to use. How could u not have project DIVA yet ;__; nu i feel so bad. Is it still sitting in the post office? U could have spent your summer getting another platinum trophy >_>;; lol. It's kind of hard to fine good PS2 emulators T_T; since most plugins they have are crap. Maybe they have better plugins now though, i guess it's worth a try. Is True Blood a BL game? Have u started playing Lamento ^^. Oh >_>; i think they need a Kaito song where he's both a masochist and a yandere xD.
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