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    That's a great idea ^^ Yato would be pretty sick >.>; being God of Calamity again. Did you get to watch the OVA yet? I just finished watching it and it's so funny xD. Yato posses hiyori and does all kinds of hilarious things >.>;. It's pretty funny ^^ I wonder if they will have a sequel to the series. Have you finished watched DMMd yet?
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    Haha Yukine gets a lot better after episode 9 ^^ but >_> before wasn't he really annoying. Im sure you must have really hated him ^^. He almost killed Yato.
    Oh you should >_>; totally kill Yukine if you're roleplaying as Yato xD. Yato would have in the anime anyway ^^ if hiyori wasn't there. I think he said something like that.
    Yes >.>; wanting to smell someone totally isn't creepy at all xD. It's yato....Hiyori always smells him so you can't hold back.
    Did you finish watching noragami?
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    Noooo ;_; you still haven't finished DMMd >_>; i think you need to do some hacking and steal someone elses internet ^^ lol.
    Haha I like how everyone thinks of Yato has some bum. He kind of is ;_; and he does all these random odd jobs.
    He also smells nice toooo :3.
    I think u will hate Yukine soon enough ^^.
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    That's terrible ;_; i hope you guys will be ok. Haha >_>; bam....i feel you were the bam that made it happen ^^. I have watched Noragami when it aired. It was pretty good, but i really didn't like Yukina. Seriously >_> that guy annoyed me so much ^^. He makes yato suffer. Haha you changed your avy and forum background to yato ^^ you always do that It looks pretty good. Oh btw, what did you think of the last episode of dramatical murder. I thought it was cool how they didnt select a single path and tried to go through all of them. But I'm confused on ren (Aoba's brother) survived. Virus and Trip saved him i guess, but didn't Aoba break him >_>;. Oh and Mizuki is fine too lol.
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    What happened to your internet and phone at home T_T; that must really really suck >_>;. I don't think I could survive. Luki is the male version of Luka right? How did they become a couple?
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    I caught up with all the DMMd episodes. It's pretty interesting. Aoba finally met his twin brother and Virus is part of morphine. Does Aoba ever use his powers of Virus. I know he mentioned that they altered their ears so it doesnt affect them. Do you need to links to download the other DMMd episodes ^^ is up again. What do you mean he caught a Luki ;_; who is Meito's lover >.>;. I never watched Diabolik Lovers. I guess Sakamaki is another one of those guys u like lol.
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    Haha of course it's Marth ^^ i should have known. How is your Roleplaying going? Are u still getting people banned >.>;. What kind of hair color does Youji have? It looks blackish but with a greenish tone.
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    It's ok ^^ I've been really behind with everything also. I havent watched the last 3 episodes of DMMd ;_; so i need to really catch up. Oh also was hacked o_o; along with couple of other anime download sites. So I couldnt give you likes to the last 2 episodes ^^ but it is up now.
    They'll have a DMMd game ^^ that's so cool. Have you seen any trailers for it. I doubt it will have might be more action based. You should pre-order it if you can. Haha I havent played Super Smash Bros. since N64 ^^. I didnt know they're still coming out with them. Who's your favorite character in SSB?
    Do you already have your Youji cosplay? Yeah, it's been a really long time and part of it is definitely my fault ^^.
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    Yeah ^^ im sure u can find all the latest airing animes on Crunchyroll. Here is the link if u want to download it anyway
    This episode was really good. I can see Noiz x Aoba. The ending even had a video for the 2 of them. I feel Koujaku and Aoba are more brothers. What do u think? Let me know what u thought of the episode. I like how they're doing everyone's path. I think that's a nice idea ^^ unlike animes that just choose one path or neither and mess things up.
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    When u say both genders >.>; are we talking about physically both genders ;_; or mentally here. Haha well T_T; the kind of things u have them do, im pretty sure they would have to be completely gay to do them xD. Even if they were a little curious i doubt it would be enough lol. I think people just havent thought much about KaiLen. They just think, here are 2 most popular male vocaloids so lets group them together ^^. I doubt they bother to think about things like personality.
    Here is the latest episode of DMMd in case u need it....
    I watched it and this episode was pretty good ^^. They must have done koujaku's route in this episode. I think they might do a route for all the main characters in each episode.
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