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  2. Dang..
    I feel seriously old.

    Though.. I still get asked if I should be in school when I`m out shopping on my lunch break

    ._." 5"3.. It doesn`t do any justice for me.

    But yea.. I`ll pm you my msn.

  3. Chyea... You`re tellin` me.
    You take up with the government entity I work for.

    I should be working. Lmao

    Yea, Adelaide is a pretty city/town.. >___>;
    And if you get here, while I`m still here.
    Hit me up.. I`ll show you `round to all the best pubs..
    Local beers here are.. Bellissimo !
    And the German pubs with Litre Steins. :3 Oh yes...

    Anywhoo.. Name is Kia~
    Nice to meet you. ^^"
    How old are you btw?
  4. Unfortunately, work computer does not allow me to get onto any sort of web chat/messenger..
    Which is bullocks!

    Radelaide is okay, For it`s historical pubs and cellar doors. :3

    That`s about it... ._." The beaches here don`t do much for me...
    And.. The drivers here get on my nerves...
  5. Tell me about it..
    I`m originally from the Philippines.. So I`m getting to colder and colder weather !
    It`s horrible !! How do you stand it ?!?!?!

    Ohhhh I`m more of a bitsa than you ! Tee hee.

    You like it where you are ?
  6. LMAO~

    Okay okay... I`ll give you that one.

    I have just moved to Adelaide from the Gold Coast...

    Work commitments.. And regretting it instantly..

    Ohhh So your mixed Euro?
    How mixed? Aye??
  7. You don`t like Australia?

    Where in Aus are you, lad?
  8. Ausfag?
    You diss Australia?
    D: Surely you jest ?!
  9. Afternoon? Woah.. What part of the world are you in, lad?
  10. Oh...
    First post !

    Ka-Chinggg !

    Hiya !
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