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    700 pages? By God, what kind of monster are you? And I've never heard of it before, what exactly is Berserk about?
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    1. One Piece
    2. Berserk
    3. Nazo no Kanojo X

    Three very, very different series.

    Berserk isn't finished, by a long shot. I'd be willing to bet it will see another decade before it ends, at least.
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    You better. Don't be like that smile lady. She always talks down Naruto, and I'm getting to the point where I have to start threating her in order to get her to watch it.
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    I don't question your skills, I just would rather you not end up dead. SORRY FOR CARING. Training Kakashi is really not that much to brag about. I mean... Aww, heck, no matter how much I attempt to dislike Kakashi, I always end up failing. He just tries sooooo hard. I mean, he freaking developed a Mangekyo Sharingan on his own will alone! Note, he didn't stand a prayer against Pein, but then again who besides Itachi, that Naruto freak, and Jiraiya would???

    Yeah, I love this game. I bought 3, and instantly turned it right back in. The story mode on it is nothing compared to two's.
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    You just gave me flashbacks. To like, last week. That's the same thing Scouter Vegeta says on DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 2. "The Saiyans are a true warrior Race! DON'T UNDERESTIMATE US!" His cockiness always makes me chuckle.

    I don't doubt you can handle it. But I mean, seriously. Tsukiyomi is 72 hours of torture. Or how about black flames that burn for like, three days?
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    Obviously you aren't tried hard enough. Stare at a picture of Itachi. Look into the Sharingan. I'm pretty sure he already has a list of everything you've ever said, ever, in there. I'd refrain from saying "no, he doesn't" while still looking at the picture. I'm sure a few people have died that way before.
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    You seem to have tha avatar thing all worked out now. You need a profile picture though. Preferably one with a list of everything you've ever said. Ever.
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    Cool beans. You can change your avatar by clicking "settings" at the top right of the site (it can sometimes be hidden by banners, so point around up there and you'll find it). After that, on the right side of the screen there's a list of options (like on the old AF?) and there's an option that says "edit avatar". As for Wolf, I've been so lazy lately, lol. It'll probably be either sev or smile. Give me about a week.
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    I did... It's telling me that I'm waiting for you.
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    I must befriend the one who speaks awesomeness.
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