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    Eric's doing pretty well also. Finally back on my normal work schedule, so now I can get back into my reading habits and such.

    Still need to try to get farther into some of my games though. @[email protected] have like a list of "need to finish playing"; lol
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    yo. How's it going?
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    Hardly, my young chap. Hardly.
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    Boxers are different. They can take the rough, unpredictable lifestyle of men much better than underwear can.
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    Oh good, I was afraid you were one of those people that didn't change underwear. I breathed a sigh of relieve when I read your post.
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    I thank you for recognizing I am god.
    (And yes, much lolz were had the first time I saw that sig)
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    I live in America. I assume by "anywhere else" you mean in Japan. Because in Europe the countries have even HARSHER social standards (and as a result, laws) regarding indecent images of children. For example, one country has a law that bans adult women from the adult entertainment industry if their breast size is too small. The reason given isn't that they don't think customers will find them attractive enough. Instead the reason is that they think pedos will their relatively flat chests TOO attractive, and it will foster their sick ideas, and thus embolden pedos to want to rape more children.

    Also I never said Lucky Star was banned in America and I believe you can get it on DVD in the US even. What I said was I held the opinion that it is a perverse scene (which I'm even willing to admit might have been an overreaction on my part), and feared that because of the LACK of such laws in America that that scene in Lucky Star might embolden pedos and result in more REAL child rapes.
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    I didn't lock him up there, he lives there. o_o
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    Well, I do that to everyone, so don't feel special.

    More people were probably involved, but so far those are the only two that I have caught. The Rebel was supposed to save me, but failed, leading me to compare our relationship to that of Batman and Jason Todd (Spoiler alert: Joker killed Jason. Batman went all boo-hooey.). You reading me quotes from the other side would have been awesome. It can get a tad lonely in a closet, as you would imagine. And I'll be sure to keep one of those "Life Alert" pendants with me that directly links to you at all times from now on.
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    What book, the one from which my signature originated? I totally remember reading it some eons ago in class. I was thinking about it the other day, so I dug it up and slapped it on AF. If you're not talking about that, then I've just wasted our time.

    As for where I've been, the "official" word is that Amber and Sev stabbed me and locked me into Light Buster's closet, from which I escaped all of three days ago. Rehabilitation has been rough (advice stating I should listen to Rehab by Amy Winehouse on repeat was not helpful), but I am a great person, I will survive.
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