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    It's okay. I'm a really big Bleach, Negima!?, Claymore, FMA, Ghost In A Shell, Gundam, School Rumble, DBZ, and FMP fan, lol.
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    .... O_O .... *hugs*
    Yeah? Huh~ I really would have loved to have seen Yuki Kajiura though. She's one of my favourite composers.
    My brother and I have never really got on that well (no fault of mine, mind you). Some days he's nice, others he's a jerk :x
    Well, there's an option for katakana too, but you can just write it in hiragana, press the space bar and choose the options of how to write the word. Kanji is found the same way as I just mentioned^^
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    I had 20c in my wallet but now for once I have $30!XD So you have.... -$7.70?
    Great!^^ Yeah, it sucked =_=
    I had a friend who was like an older brother to me; he was nine years older, I'd known him since the day I was born and saw him every week, so I think he influenced me ^^
    Ehe, sometimes that kind of behaviour can work well at your advantage though!XD
    Oh, I see.
    Well, it's simple^^ Just go into control panel, then go into the keyboard options, then it should say something like "change keyboard type/settings", find Japanese and check the boxes, then press okay^^ (I'm going off this all from memory) You should then go into a document or something and you will see a new thing along the task bar, choose to change the language setting to Japanese, then hiragana and just type away~ If you need me to be clearer, let me know and I'll screen shot you what to do ;p
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    Me too!XD
    Okay, I migh go to smash then^^ I rmember that a few years ago, Yuki Kajiura came to Australia and I didn't find out until a month later and I was sooo cut!><
    I tend to get along with guys better for some reason. Ehehehe.... probably me included >///<
    It does, but it also means spirit/heart/mind/intention/behaviour and other things like that. Oh, your cousin's Japanese? Do yo have windows? I can tell you how to type in Japanese then.
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    I know how that feels =x= Oh? That's interesting! =0
    I've heard that animania is bad compared to supanova, but I might consider smash ^^
    Lol, but every class is like that in high school!XD
    Not the particular reading of her name ^^ Her name meant "Beautiful heart" (美気).
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    Yeah, ours was expensive too =_= It doesn't seem like much of a girls school if they're joined like that though, does it?XD
    Yes, I think I'll just go to Supanova again. I don't ever go to anything else.
    I see, that would have been fun! :3 Miki was more like a private tutor that came to my house though. She had some funny and sometimes embarrassing ways of describing things too!XD
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    But we ended up getting Mr. Morgan as vice principal which made things a little better. He's REALLY good at teaching Earth and Environmental Science; I learnt so much when I had him. I remember I was late at school for the gazzillionth time and the office made me report him and they wanted me to go luch detention (which had never existed before the new principal). I went in and Morgo was like "What have you done? Late again? Okay, that's nice, go play now." XD He always let the seniors off for just about anything^^
    My friend made me one year so i went as a random ninja. :3 She gave me a name too: Generic Female Ninja Number 14.
    My Japanese teacher was nice^^ She wanted to take me out to Sydney and show me some good Japanese food places.
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    I don't have an ipode, so I always make-did with a bulky PSP in my pocket while I walked!XD Oh my gosh, my little brother does the exact same thing! =0 I guess that answers that question ;p He's four years younger than me.
    I think it's mainly when I first started High School it wasn't so bad. That's when the government hadn't brought in the healthy canteen thing and you could get practically anything in there. The principal was cool too cause he was too old to be there very much and when he was, you couldn't understand a thing he was saying anyway!XD Then we got in a new principal that took away all the seniors privileges and made this terrible high pitched hissing sound whenever he said a word with the letter 's' in it. ><

    (to be continued)
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    Oh wow, I hated that! =0 Granted, it took me 21-25 minutes to walk to school which started at 8:15, but somehow I managed to fall asleep eating breakfast or something each time!XD
    Toronto High used to be cool, but now it sucks <.<
    I went on the Saturday I think^^ Yeah, well I always have trouble too. There aren't many pale skinned, navel length (curly) red haired, hazel eyed, 5"7 characters that I know of! ;p I was so stuck, I managed to just pull of Kenshin Himura one year!>< Yes, I cosplayed a guy That's why I am now a fan of the wig.
    I see!XD Is her voice gentle?
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    Only by a little :3 A Girls school? What's that like?
    I went to the one in Sydney as Luka Megurine ;p I missed last year though because school had be in manacles.
    I see!XD It depends on what the teacher is like too. Some just do that to you^^
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