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    Yeah, unfortunately <.< Do you think you'll get it back? ;p Well they're good excuses either way!XD
    Yeah, they are. The Irish wolf hound (Golly) is a total goof though, but everyone loves him!XD
    No, it's great! It is hard to maintain though. My hair colour and style make it extra difficult.
    Both ;p
    I'm not sure of the statistics, but it was the 360 and I think they've fixed the problem on the newest models. I know what to do if I ever get the RRoD ;p Maybe, let's hope not!><
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    I was going to kill him for spending that much money when I told him not too!XD That's happened to me a few times too ><
    Oh, those were two dogs!XD The Irish wolf hound was crossed with something else. They saved him from the pound.
    Ah, I see. Your hair is almost as long as mine then, although mine is curly so it looks shorter!XD
    Lol, I wonder if I want to know what you were thinking ;p
    ....I must warn you. There aren't as many rings of death as you think. Sometimes, it comes up with a ring of death because all xboxes have this problem where a wire comes loose. All you have to do is open it up and put it back where it's supposed to be... I hope that's not what happened to yours. Problem is, not many people know this. I actually have a friend who buys "red ring of death" xboxes off the net and most of them are perfectly fine and only had that wire loose....
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    My boyfirend got me a DSi.... I was gonna kill him! =0 Lol, that would have been heart stopping!XD
    A kelpie and an Irish wolf hound cross.
    Yeah, that sounds like dogs... and brothers too ;p
    I see!XD Do you like your hair now?
    Yeah, Josh was like.... My Harry Potter! hamish would eat anything though O_O
    ....Are you sure it really had the ring of death?
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    When I used to have a job, we always listened to it^^ Ah yeah, I remember that!XD It was funny on the Christmas episode with Josh though and they had to guess who the person was from their stocking bags. Hamish was like "a Harry Potter figurine... a book called 'Sit Down'.... hair gel... oh my gosh, it's YOU"! Josh just got the poops and chucked this big fit!XD
    Yeah? Welcome to the club!^^ What games do you have for it?
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    Yeah, but you end up not caring so much, do you?XD The only reason I got my current phone is that my old one wouldn't stay charged anymore. What I was really cut about is that the day after I bought my mobile, it fell out of my pocket and onto the school pavement where I dinted it and everything!><
    They are! Like the one I'm looking after; they have too much energy!
    Ehe, once I had the last row of chocolate to eat at home. My mum called me so I left to go outside and put my chocolate on the lounge arm rest. I was gone for 30 secs and when I came back, my dog that was normally "Ah... I'm too old and weak to get up there" was sitting quite comfortably on the lounge, staring at me innocently and licking her lips. It was the last bit of choccy and she gobbled it all up!><
    That would have been so cute!XD I was a quiet child who had people approaching me all the time (I still do) saying "Look at that beautiful hair!"^^
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    My phone is falling apart at the moment, but it's still good!XD As long as I can talk on it and it charges, I'll keep it (yes, I'm that short on money ;p).
    Nah, big ones do it too!XD
    Aww, your dog sounds so adorable!XD I can just imagine it. And that's sweet.... but kinda gross too! ;p
    Ah, you've been to Japan? Jealousy!>< Yeah, many of them are^^
    Hopefully so. I love my new fringe though!X3
    I know, aren't they great?! It's sad they're not on the radio so much anymore. Hamish was funny on "Your Gen." too a few times!XD
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    I mean that I have curly hair and so it can never really be in a straight line and I cut it below my nose because I knew it would spring up to my forehead!XD And bangs is a naughty american word! =0 We say fringe thank you.^^
    I got my boyfriend the dvds "Tomorrow, When The War Began" and "Hamish and Andy's Caravan of Courage" as a bit of Australian education the other day!XD
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    You know those really chunky, cheap nokias that everyone had a few years ago for some reason? Yeah, one of those. I've now got a Motorolla K1something.
    I know, they're cute right?^^ Haha, that is so what dogs do!XD Petty just wanted to be with you all the time though. If we went out somewhere and someone left the car, she'd cry and go backwards and forwards until they came back because she was worried and when someone wasn't at home in the night, she go up and down the hallway looking for them. It was really beautiful^^
    I know, I really want to!>< First on my list is Japan and Ireland. I always find languages fun. When you learn something with them, it feels like a little bit more of a puzzle you've solved, so then it's like a riddle or a game in that way :3 Chinese for pranks?XD
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    13 was when I got my first phone!XD
    She was a miniature fox terrior. She was so cute; her name was Petal^^
    I've never left Australia. Ehe, that would be an interesting sight!XD Do you speak Chinese often?
    Well.... maybe when it's wet, it kinda chooses its own level, but yes, it's all cut to the same length. ;p
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    Good to know I'm not alone!XD I was fine in my age, but when I turned 18, I was like "Right.... so I'm old enough to do whatever I want, but still young. I want to stay this way".
    I love dogs, mine was so cute!^^ Yeah, I get that too :l
    That's probably work too!XD It's a useful tool knowing another language!
    Hmmm.... well, I ended up cutting around 30 cm off. It kinda rests on my eyebrows even though I cut it to the edge of my nose (because I knew it would do that). It's interesting^^
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