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    Oh my......That's a lot!!But I've been in the same situaton a lot of times!!
    Teachers don't even ask if we have 2 study 4 another subject and they give us 2 many tests and projects, which they say,
    that they'll drop our gardes if we don't finish 'em on time :[
    Yeah sure...But then u'll get a headache 'coz they're out of the world!!

    a WHOLE PLANT??.... Is the dog some kind of new species, or just vegetarian O_O...LOL...jk ;3

    Thanks! Well most of the time I do get A's on Math but It's my worse subject 2!!
    -It's just 2 hard........!!
    That always doesn't have 2 be the truth!!.....4 ex, my brother is the best at Maths, but unlike him I'm not
    -Or when I'm good at writing, he isn't!!......And why do they have 2 be so supries at u 4 knowing English very well??
    -Take Jackie Chan 4 example...He's Asian and he speeks english perfectly!!
    And thanks again...If u ever need help just ask, I'll be glad 2 help ;3
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    ahh..assignment!...In my school when they decide 2 give it 2 us they come up with the stranges topics
    ( u need 2 be an "Einstein" with finished college 2 write 'em....*that's how hard they r*)
    I remember my dog that used 2 steal my sneakers !!

    Yeah me 2...I can't wait 4 school 2 end!!
    I just got my test resoults!....and yeah I'm not that good at maths either...(average maybe)
    I got 83/100 which is pretty good considering it was the second best test in the class!!!
    So I think I did pretty well at it :3
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    ah school has it rough time on u 2!!(trust me I noe the feeling)
    ur dog did u win??

    I'm just enjoing my free time while I can....& feeling a bit nervous wondering what will I get on my Maths test!
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    Fine! watcha been up 2??
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    Hi there how r u??
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    I hated school photos with a passion! In fact, I hate all photos ;p
    Kay, kay, I'll look for one tonight :3
    Ehehe, yeah, but that's what I think of!XD Actually, it's all because of the character Collette Brunel :3
    Ugh.... kids like that annoy me.... mainly because you HAVE to be nice to them for some reason. I will^^
    Yeah, there are often teachers that you know just don't like you but you don't know why =/
    Ehehe, that would have been a good excuse to say it was their fault, but it wasn't. I got glandular fever.
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    I still try to keep up with the weekly Utattemita rankings (together with the Vocaloid rankings) on Nico, although recently Nico hasn't liked me much and often refuses to play the videos, so not happy! >=(

    I'm debating if I want to inquire further into the "comics" you saw...
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    sure we can...
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    Yeah? Sounds like both our hair is unruley. ;p
    Ah, that's a shame. I'll geta picture of my old dog to show you!^^
    Teehee, look up "tsurupeta" or "petanko"!XD
    Awww, that's so cute! :3 Maybe one in literature or writing or something so I can become a teacher of Japanese or English.
    Sure will!^^ Lol, the teachers didn't bother any more with me!XD Besides, I think they realised that I had fatigue.
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    You'll probably find me peculiar, and I don't blame you, but I like the songs sung by a 歌い手 of the same gender with the original Vocaloid. The only Vocaloid I'll make exceptions for is Len, since many people (including Len himself) are confused about his gender. XD
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