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    i'm a girl, living here in philippines...i love sketching, reading, writing and watching anime.i'm a first year college student right now, haha
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    No, why bother? ;p I brush my hair, walk a staight circle around the room then it's completely knotty again orz
    Yayz!XD Maybe, but I never wath those things. Your dog sounds super cute though :3
    Lol... ironing board *has a different meaning to me*
    No, not yet, Looking for a coarse instead ^^
    Ah, I'll have to pnder on that a little then ;p And I was always late for school because I just couldn't wake up.
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    Oh yes, I know all of them, just don't have all of their Utattemita in my collection. lol
    most people think トゥライ is Tourai because they don't do their homework =P but on his blog, he actually spells it Tolie.

    Complete agreement to this line: "of course, when someone I like sings a song I like, that's enough to make my day sometimes."
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    Compared to me, yes!XD
    Film it next time! It'll be a youtube hit!X3
    I know, I did smile, but I also dropped my jaw and just went ".... aww! Tha~nks!" *sarcasticly*
    Ah, we're in the same boat there!
    Oh~ Good luck! Did it work at all? You could always wake him from his sleep everynight until he hands it over.
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    nice being a friend of yours !
    hope to know more about you, KanashimiKasouKyoku

    ah, your screen name is a bit long...
    is it okay if i'll just call you Kyoku?
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    I certainly do listen to Utattemita! I like those as well, provided that the singer is good. Some of my favorite singers are clear, Dasoku (蛇足), Anima (あにま), Tolie (トゥライ), Usa (うさ), Valshe (バルシェ). And yes, I heard Dasoku is one of the notorious ear-rapers, though his voice doesn't have the same raping effect on me (probably because of the fact I'm also male or something) XD

    Yea, same here. I'd always try to find a good cover of a song I like, but often to no avail, so I have my share of sad moments as well... Oh, were you talking about this song? Apparently it's "Hidoor Utopia"...
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    Ah, well you're lucky in that sense ;p
    Lol, I would have loved to see that!XD
    I said to my boyfriend when I first cut my fringe "You should see it when I get up in the morning! It's like Chiaki (Minami)'s "whipped cream"!" And you know what he said? "....yeah, that's just weird" =_=
    Lol, since I don't see anyone giving up any of those, it's definately impossible!XD
    I see "later" as being as "do it yourself if you want". <.<
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    oh Hi!!! you got it! I love Vocaloid!
    My favorite song kinda changes every once in a while, ehe, but currently it's Tsugai Kogarashi by MEIKO and KAITO. =)
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    Kukuku! Ehehe, static!XD Mine just goes really dry and annoying. Since I cut a fringe, it doesn't go all puffy andmore thank god!XD
    Lol, yeah! X3 I'd probably yell at him if he did that and I'd be upset, but I wouldn't be angry. You can't get angry at Golly!
    Ah, I see. And wow, I'd love to see that! My hair is dark in winter and light in summer ;p
    Look, I don't think anyone will ever figure that out <.<
    Ah, true, true. I have an 360 and now tv screen atm.... Ah, okay then. Make sure you don't forget!XD
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    Oh~ Let me know how that works out and what it took!XD Don't worry, it can't get as bad as my hair ;p
    Yep, yep, that's Golly!XD Golly just looks back at you with this huge goofy smile and wags his tail. X3
    Not quite. I've never coloured my hair and never will. Believe it or not, the colour itself has genetic problems. I have auburn (red if you will) hair and it's quite wavy/curly. I can't straighten it or use products because it just ruins it!><
    Yes, but think about his poor stomach! ;p Lol, I know what you mean!XD
    Yeah, good job ! :3 If that's the case, you can have one in your room all to yourself!XD Have you transfered the data over to the new one?
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