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    I'm glad you get a bit of a break ^^ any ideas for your next piece of music? You're getting your own place? That must be really exciting! Yeah school is fine ^^ my drawing class is helping me out a little. Ja ne~
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    Hello ^^ I'm at college right now and things seem fine for the time being. How is everything on your end?
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    I get what you mean though. Instead of having a cluster of emotions you just have your mind set on one emotion. Because if different emotions were portrayed, the music would be no different than a human's mind which is always thinking of constant things and trying to make sense of nonsense; always working. But instead your music is like a calm mind that is able to project a single aspect of emotion.

    Yesh yesh Siggy is good good. Just have a tummy-ache but me drinking lots and lots of water. Siggy will be fine in no time. puhi puhi
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    Well Siggy doesn't really listen to music unless I watch it on some show like an anime or if its from a vg. And sometimes people send songs to Siggy and then Siggy ends up liking music that way. And music is another form of art, just Siggy not as used to it. But siggy finds it amazing how you can combine words and music together to produce something that can inspire and change your mood. Its a different form of expression, just like art.

    wow that song sounds beautiful and its so relaxing. ^__^ How long it take you to come up with it?
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    Yesh yesh all is okay with Siggy. Me just talking to people now. How about you?

    So have you been working on any more songs lately?
  6. Wooow. It's really beautiful, and I bet more beautiful in person. Gaahh.. I wish to travel the world and explore different places... D:
    Everything's good, thanks. How are you?
    Well where I live... the sun is really brighty-brighty, hihi... and really hot.. but sometimes it rains, and when it does, it's freezing! I really do wish to go out and see pretty stuffs.. nature... go trekking and stuff like that, but apparently no one wants to go with me.. Mehh... Nobody wants to have a break and leave their busy worlds for a moment and come exploring with me. :/ I mean, I can do it alone, but it feels better if I'm with someone to share the adventure and the beauty of nature, right? Hihi.. oh well, maybe sometime... XD
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    (Message continued...)

    And sure... I'd be interested in making an avi/sig/set for you if ever you need one... although, it'll be about a month until I can actually start making any more. Between now and next month, I'll be working on improving the Clannad Fanclub group, since that was an agreement between me and the group creator about a month ago. But of course... as soon as I have more time, I'll be sure to let you know. Also, if you want to view/comment on my avatars and signatures (which are lacking at the moment tbh) feel free to look in here!
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    *^-^* Well, it's my first set so... naturally I were dreading the thought of it going terribly wrong (especially with the risk of using a character that's not exactly current anymore)... so erm... I guess if you like it... that's a good start!

    Sadly, it's been sooooo long since I've actually been to anything live - I've like forgotten what the energy and atmosphere were like. That said, I do like "live sound", so I'm very much into sound systems that are able to reproduce the sound characteristics of live concerts and what not... but of course, hifi systems can't actually reproduce the visual presence of artists... nor the sound of a cheering crowd; all factors which I'm sure you'll agree contribute to the energy and atmostphere of a live performance.

    Anyways... I wish you the best of luck on your next erm... gig (if that's the right word here)!
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    Hey there! How are you?

    Sorry that I've not been able to talk to you in a while; I've been pretty busy in the last month. As for last night, I were working on this set below for the Signatures and Avatars forum... and now I'm on the verge of going to sleep (and yup... pretty much in broad daylight) because of that.

    Edit: I've tweaked this set a little since you last saw it and replyed to this message. Uhm... so, if you're of a mind to change your comment on it because of that, that's fine with me!
  10. Hey what's up rob? I like your profile pic. Where is that? It's very beautiful.
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