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    However my office buddies won't let me sleep.
    They're having a count down until the day it comes out, and plan to go to some bar someplace and get drunk on it's release date...
    they're crazy if you ask me xD...

    actually I think me and my friend Sighanide(can't say his name on the forum) are the only one's sane around the office.
    Production of the game we are making, Metro: Last Light, has literally been delayed because people are distracted.
    it's scary how one game can influence people so much.

    so, yes, I am excited for the game.
    can't wait 'till it comes out...
  2. I bet you blinked when you looked at my profile.
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    Loool, one step at a time, ja? ;P Being an overachiever is all fine and dandy, but you don't want to overwork yourself unnecessarily, specially if you have some medical conditions that could cause problems. Everyone needs to know their own limits. I do hope things get better for you though; it would be nice to see you accomplish all of your goals like that. =]
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    ...That's pretty damn admirable, actually. It's not everyday you see a middle schooler with so many aspirations. I was always the top of my class as well, but after a while I stopped doing simple stuff like homework, and primarily relied on tests and exams to keep my grades up. I also tend to procrastinate like mad, so I practically never did rough drafts for essays and other long-term assignments. Needless to say, I sorta regret it now, but it doesn't mean I'm not happy.

    Anyway, it's really awesome that you're already so sure on what you want. I agree, Japanese Studies would fit you, and you'd be great at it. I think it'd be best to visit Japan/Korea/etc a couple of times to get a more intimate feel of the culture. I know you're interested in Europe as well, but seeing as how you'd like to focus more on Asia, a few visits there would definitely increase your interest and affinity with the culture. I'm already really happy for you for having your sights set so high though.
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    You tell em, lol. Harvard would be amazing, and even though you're only in 8th grade (from what I remember?) it already seems like you'd have an overwhelming advantage over a lot of other applicants. You'd make it, I can practically guarantee it. ^_^ Although, that stuff can end up being crazy expensive without some scholarships. So just make sure you're prepared, ja?

    So what are you planning on majoring in? Anything specific yet, or do you just have a general idea?
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    Thanks! Are sign ups for your RPG still gonna be open tomorrow?
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    Yeah, I've never been outside of the US either. I haven't even left my state for at least 7 or so years. I'd love to travel more but I wasn't exactly born into the wealthiest family; not that I mind though, it gives me a chance to learn how to be more responsible with my financial decisions and whatnot.

    It's awesome that you're wanting to study abroad. That's something I've always wanted to do. I just started college not too long ago, and I plan on getting my degrees in Criminal Justice and Music before I transfer anywhere else; although I'll most likely stay within my state since it's cheaper, and there are a lot of well renowned universities here. Plus about 90% of my family has been rooted to my home state for decades, and they would probably flip if I began studying abroad (considering I'm the youngest).

    ...Little do they know that I'm already looking up apartments in Europe in Japan. Jajaja.
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    Ah wow, I had a chance to take that tour as well in High School. o_o At the time I was more interested in the Germany/Austria one though. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take care of the flight fare and whatnot, so I missed it. That's why I'm saving up to go on my own next year. If all goes well I might even be able to go as early as this September, which would be amazing. I'd have to visit London and Paris too, of course, but I'd most likely reserve a hotel in Germany or Italy for the majority of the trip.

    Just talking about it makes me excited.
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    I did a project on Argentina a while ago too, that's how I got interested in the culture and such. x] I never really knew my grandparents, but my mom and dad never said anything about them being able to speak other languages, so I'm assuming they could only speak English as well. No one else in my family has an interest in any other languages or cultures, so it's fun to irritate them by writing notes or rambling in Japanese or German. B3

    Gasp! You're going to Europe next year as well? For how long? I'll either be in Germany or Italy for about two months, I haven't decided yet. And you shouldn't rush learning languages, even though Italian and French both have romantic roots. From my experience, I'll rush one language, and then when I begin studying another one alongside, I mix up verbs and sometimes complete sentence structure.

    Ex), in my first Italian lesson, my professoressa asked me what my name and age was, and I almost ended my reply with "desu". :x It was embarrassing, lol. xD
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    Nah, I don't think Chinese would be difficult to learn, it's just that it would take a while to write, and I can be pretty impatient, lol. I scribble stuff down in English and German to the point where it's barely legible; I wouldn't want to do that to a complex language like Chinese.

    As for German, I've never heard anyone use the "sh" sound for "ch". o.o In some instances I'll exaggerate my pronunciation by adding that lovely hacking-to-death sound, but I generally just pronounce it as a soft "k". But like I said, it may be easier for me because my main European lineage is from Germany and the Netherlands, even though no one else in my family speaks any language other than English. :/

    I think Portuguese would be nice, but the only country I have much of an interest in in South America is Argentina, and Spanish is the dominant language there. The two are pretty similar, so I dunno if I'd wanna learn both. :B
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