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    I didn't.. but I heard Johnny Depp was great at the mad hatter? :P

    Ah well I guess on the 16th you'll get your celebration.

    Positive thinking is good. It's a great way of looking at things. I'm mostly a positive thinker.

    It certainly is.
  2. Hihi...

    Pampanga ako, ikaw?
    Nice meeting you.
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    P.S I just found your happy birthday thread.. I'll go post something.. :P
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    Haha. :P

    What? Don't you like to celebrate and have fun on your birthday? Shall I organise a celebration for you?

    Oh.. well there you go! That's a great outlook to have.

    Yeah? Well.. parents sometimes teach us amazing things.
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    You're welcome

    Ah, maybe not. He may just rely on who he his.

    Well happy 20th birthday. You going to celebrate today?

    The exam.. the exam is a passing thing. Don't worry about it. Many people get to their exams and put so much pressure on themselves because they think exams are super important.. but they're not as important as people think. Just look at them like any other problem. One to overcome, but not worry about.

    You don't need to prove that to anyone. It's you're own viewpoint, and you don't need to worship a book for people to take you're belief seriously. But it sounds like you know that already.
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    No problem about the 3 visitor messages.

    Hmm.. I think the mad hatter wouldn't know how to prepare for a guest like me. :P

    Ah.. your 21 today then? Happy birthday. Have you had a good day? What's been going on?

    Oh okay. So you don't follow religion but you believe in God. That's a refreshing outlook. Yeah a lot of people who strictly follow religion and are ignorant to other ways of thinking, or other viewpoints, yet preach their own views, never seem to see how much of a contradiction that is. Alas sometimes you just can't make people reach a reasonable compromise.
    You seem that your strong that because you've had to deal with it for a long time?
  7. Hey there.

    You're Sigma's friend. Happy birthday again.
    A question though, how come you have a Philippine flag on your photos? O_O
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    Happy birthday!!! XDD
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    Wha? Well you don't have to tell Sigma why you were crying, but maybe it make you feel better.

    Wha?....*cries* You guys ARE mean....hyuu....

    That's good that's good. Its like an extra step forward. Now all you have to do is pay attention and reap the rewards of your scholarhips. hihi

    Yeah you do have one. Btw, Sigma will have to go sleep, so imma go now. Its like...OMG 6:30. I have work in like 3 hours. ;_________; I'm not going to get much sleep agian.
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    Sorry, Sigma writes lots in the vms: Here is second part of respons to your vm.

    Don't worry, you'll get many more challenges in your life, and they'll change your life even more than math itself. Trust me.

    its okay you don't have to apologize, silly. It wasn't your fault or anything. *huggles*

    Shanghai Knights. lol Funny movie.

    Yeah that is true. She's quite interesting. She might join AF she said, cause she likes anime. So maybe you guys will meet her?

    But once their dreams are accomplished we will surely meet again. And plus, their dreams are more important.
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