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    I guess that's where we differ then, haha.

    I don't know where, or what, 'there' is. The destination is still unknown to me. I live day to day, and believe that I shape and can change my destiny.
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    There you go then!

    Oh.. the destination isn't important? Isn't it the destination that inspires us to keep moving on. Moving forward? Isn't it the motivation? Isn't the unknown, and the chance of finding something new, important?
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    Okay okay Sigma will go check.

    Well eating a lot of carbohydrates is cause it slows down your metabolism. Especially simple carbohydrates cause they are the hardest to burn off. Also add a bit of protein.

    Yesh yesh, starfish. *points to new username*

    And about the flirting thing; if you don't think you are flirting then its okay. Just Sigma doesn't want to hurt you with flirting okay? Just wanted to let you know that. And if Sigma ever says something that you find offensive, just tell me and I will stop.
  4. Yes! Christian Bautista! Haha, thanks. Oh what's wrong with Piolo? Hihihi...
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    Lol. Nope!
    Life is fun, you're right there.
    Hmm.. but what if, like me, you don't care about being rich?

    Of course you will.

    I guess so. But then, where's the sense of adventure if you already know where you're going?
  6. Girl nagpopost ako ng asian celebs sa wall ni Sigma. Hihi. So I put Nadine as the female from our country. Suggestion naman kung sino sa guys ang pwede ko pakita sa kanya... uhm hehehehe. XD
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    I think it's an adventure.
    The person who gets to the end of life first, get's no special treatment. Life is not defined by how fast you get through it. I don't understand how that analogy could be taken in a positive way?

    Ah, it will. Just have to do, what you do, until that time. :P

    Yeah, if you enjoy all of the different ways of getting to the answer that's fair enough. But I don't find it a fun exercise to find an answer, and then try and work out different ways of getting to it. I prefer open ended questions, answers, and theories.
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    I disagree with that.. life is not a race..

    Hmm you won't be without time forever.. one day you'll have enough, and you'll end up spending it doing whatever it is you need to be doing.

    Ha, math is interesting.. but.. there's only ever one answer..
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    Yeah, soothes and relaxes. I like your thinking. It's strange, because running seems to have the same kind of effect on me to. The constant pounding. The rhythmic beating of the steps. It's calming..

    Skating is cool. I'm sure you could find a way to balance, with practice. That's all anybody ever needs, is practice and experience.

    Yeah.. I'm obviously pretty bad at mathematical quizzes. Well.. maybe I'm bad at maths. Never been my area of expertise really.

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    Yeah.. walking in the rain does.. it clears your mind. Almost like it somehow 'resets it' back to it's natural setting. Know what I mean?

    And yeah.. I usually lay on my quilt and just listen to the sounds from outside. I always like to have my window open as well, once it's night time. Don't like getting too hot. It's awesome if it's raining, because the sound of it is kind of soothing.

    I do. I love biking. I love running. I totally want some new roller blades. :P
    Hmm I can't do it. Doesn't work for me! I miss one number, and then find out where it's meant to go later on, and it wrecks the whole puzzle. FAIL!

    Haha you do that. :P
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