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    in reality maybe wing and heero isnt the best, but the most beautiful gundam is wing zero custom i guess, and heero is the pilot that has the highest % of completing a mission, ^_^ heero is a hacker, heero is kind and dedicated, if only he is in UC, i wish they make an anime of gundam where all gundam pilots and series together in 1 universe and time fighting a SUPER ROBOT better than DEVIL GUNDAM, hahaha how i wished that will happen, even amuro is amazed to heero in the GAME dynasty warriors gundam 2 or gundam musou 2, heero amuro banagher are my fave, as of what i know, the strongest NT when it come to Psychic power is judau right? but combined with determination combat abilities and battle statistics, sure it says in wikia that AMURO is the strongest of all ^_^
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    ZS can bring complete defeat/victory depending on the way of choosing a path or choosing how to fight, and NT's is really good at sensing enemy's emotions and predicting how they move/attack etc, but i still go for heero, if he lives in UC timeline i'm sure he's already a NT, you i'd love to have a friendly debate and conversation with you though i know you have more things know about gundam than me, but i'm doing this to learn more about gundam to gain a friend and to know your comment about my comments, also my 2nd fav gundam and pilot is non other than amuro ray and the hi-nu gundam its just that i hate the way he and char disappears, but im pretty sure they didn't die, but now i'm kinda confused on the 2nd position because i also love banagher links and unicorn gundam, maybe in third place of all my favorite is usso ewin and v2 gundam but there is 00QAN and setsuna. i wished you've read thi very long MESSAGE of mine. WAITING for your reply ^_^.V..
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    Sorry for telling my story just want to make friends with you cause you know too much about gundam, my fav is HEERO and ZERO ofcourse, and i'm loyal, maybe i'm bias but i'm always reading wikia's and mahq just to let myself know that he's the best, though its just for me, maybe its just unfair that in his series there is no NT, but i guess he dont need to become NT if he's already got ZS and he's already a perfect soldier, i'm kinda hurt when you said that TBR isn't that much of fire power while it can destroy a whole colony, if there is no bias, i guest the most powerful weapons in the whole gundam universe is the TBR MOONLIGHTbutterfly and DX's sattelite cannon, yup i've read that minovsky particles is the best thing to stop the TBR but i guess even in no direct hit TBR's beam can destroy close to that beam, so even having minovsky particles cannot save you from it, heero falls from the building broke a bone and survived then he put that bone to place.
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    im planning to watched all gundam series/movies/OVA's, and collect MG model kits
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    since i bought MG i started to DOWNLOAD gundam W episodes on the internet i got all the episodes in dual audio mkv files with subs, i even got the OVA and gekijouban of endless waltz dual audio and subs. Well since im super addicted to gundam W i've also played GUNDAM GAMES, and when i played GUNDAM vs GUNDAM in PSP, i' ve really enjoyed it and i started to get curious to all other gundams in other gundam series, now, i got GUNDAM W GUNDAM SEED GUNDAM SEED DESTINY GUNDAM 00 S1 MSG79 GUNDAM UC1 and MSGZ in my HDD, all got very good video and audio, 00 Hi def, all has dual audio and subs, i've watched ofcourse gundam W, MSG79, gundamUC1 and now im watching MSGZ currently in ep18.
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    i've read about one of your thread about the best gundam pilot ever, i have many things to said but i dont know where to start, i've registered in this site just to reply to all of your post in that thread, i admire you cause you know many things about gundam, the first gundam series that i've watched is gundam Wing and is was almost 13 years ago, since it aired in the philippines which is my country, since it stop aired i forgot about gundam anime's even when seed aired here in the philippines, but i guest almost 1 1/2 year ago, i saw a MG kit 1/100 of wing gundam zero custom w/c brings back memory of how much i wanted a wing gundam zero custom toy when i was young and that led me to loving gundam again, i've hunt down all the malls just to buy a MG wing gundam zero custom which is more than what i wanted when i was young, as of now i have WGZC and my 2nd new MG kit also WGZC but limited pearl gloss edition of 2010.
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