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The Vexos (Hex, Vexos) are the major villains of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia.

They are a group of Vestals that serve Prince Hydron and King Zenoheld, both of whom became members in the second arc. They are considered the best brawlers in Vestal, and although they are supposed to serve the royal family, there is a lingering theme of corruption among the members, with both Spectra and Gus planning to overthrow the family with Lync serving as a free-for-all agent, joining whichever side gave him the greatest gain, with the other Vexos planning the same. Mylene, Shadow and Professor Clay are the only Vexos who did not betray Zenoheld. With all of the members either defected or deceased, it is assumed the Vexos have disbanded.

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