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Any Original Members???

  1. blueangel06661
    Post here if you were part of the original club baka ^__^

    Number 6 speaking!!!
  2. Baka
    The original club is still there and always will be. So if you don't have a # and you want one. Go there and post and then PM me so I know you posted there and you'll get a #.

    Also, if you changed your name. I most likely don't recognize you. LOL Let me know who you are please.
  3. Nanobyte
    Number 51 here. Lol.

  4. Todoroki
    #39 Kaitou Kid

    I was originally known as Blue Stone.
  5. Alphabet
    Number 19!(I was originally Mokochocolatte, the kid with the ooshy thing)
    I made the contest button for naming the club back then.
    ooshy ooshy ooshy
  6. Miss Moonlight
    Miss Moonlight
    I was, forgot what number.
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