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Most Favourite/Funniest Clannad Scene

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  1. MidnightShadow20
    I found alot of scenes in Clannad and Clannad After Story to be really hilarious..
    One i remember alot and talk with my friend alot about it the "Its actually a starfish" scene.. Ever since then my friend always tried to sneak up behind me and whisper that.. Its creepy but its hilarious.
    And a good was in After Story when Fuko was back and she was meeting Tomoya and Ushio... The best part from that is when she would spazz out and slap Tomoya's hand off her head multiple times before running high speed behind a pole and growling XD
    Another good was was Kyou's transformation xD And when Tomoya and Kyou were locked in the gym storage room and Kyou thought he was ganna do inappropriate things to her XD
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