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Flashback Arcs

  1. Cantelope
    I feel they're necessary, but I still don't like them. =( When is the crew going to meet up again, and what new powers do you think everyone will have? GO!
  2. Archaic Devices
    Archaic Devices
    New powers? I don't think that they will have any new powers tbh, but I do want to see what this flashback is leading up to o_o
  3. Orenjia
    I hope that its leading somewhere but i think it only exist to tell us how damned awesome Ace was.I think that in the end of this flashback we'll learn how Ace got his fruit or something.But i really disliked this...Sabo was good and all but still..Im looking forward to see the Strawhats all togeather again and maybe with a new member too.
  4. Souhi
    I don't mind the flashback arcs at all. They fill in some gaps in character history, offering some insight into why some characters are the weird way they are.

    But I 100% agree, the Strawhat Crew needs an epic, blow through a wall to save Luffy type of entrance. I miss them. I hear the anime is covering some of the in between of what the crew actually experienced after being stranded (like the cover pages of the chapters illustrate every week). I'll look into it.
  5. Gjallarhorn
    The flashback arc just ended, and while I was kind of annoyed at it for while, I really like how it ended; showing how both Ace and Luffy's journey as pirates really began, including Luffy floating on his little fishing boat that we would later see him meeting Zoro and Nami on.

    And, yeah, the manga gave each member of the crew a few panels to show where they landed and what they were doing, while the anime gave them each about 1/2 an episode; Robin's situation was pretty interesting, and Zoro's was pretty funny. Perona was very popular amongst fans, so I have a feeling we'll end up seeing a lot more of her. Oda has always included fan enjoyment while writing the series; it's how Brook was decided to become a member of the crew, and it was a poll for readers' favorite attack that lead to the Jet Gatling that defeated/shattered/obliterated/destroyed Lucci.
  6. Sapphire-Moon
    I don't really like when anything has flashbacks but this time it was necessary and I like it.
  7. ploekje13
    yay the war has finally awesomely started =D
    but I kinda want the crew to get back together again
    I'm getting kinda bored.....
    guess how many episodes do u think it's gonna take??? -.-
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