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Song Credit Help Thread

  1. Hikarin
    So this is something I know I struggle with and I'd imagine others might too.
    When it comes to song credits, I don't put in the name of the lyricist/composer/arranger if I don't know how to read their name properly since I know there are many different ways of reading a name; leaving much room for error.
    I figured I'd make this thread here then for those who can't figure out someone's name in the credits.
    So, if someone posts here for help, please help them out! XD I know I may have to do it every now and then ;p
  2. AzureDark
    I remember having to use google-fu to find out name readings. But now you can mouseover the name on certain pages of AniGen to get their readings, but sometimes they're inaccurate.
  3. marvelangga
    Can't you just put a slash or parenthesis just to indicate that this artist, etc. is called this or that, even though the popular way to read it is actually wrong? :P Good thing for vocaloid producers is that they have a few alternative names they're called at, so I think using a single name in the song credits part is enough, better than not putting anything at all...
  4. Hikarin
    @Azure-sama Yeah, I usually do that but sometimes I can't find any results. If you're lucky, there'll be a JP wiki page on the lyricist/composer that will tell you how to read the name.

    @marvelangga I'm not sure you quite understand. What I'm saying is that you can't just guess how someone's name is written. For example, you may think this name is -> 華子 is Hanako initially, but it could actually be read as Kanako, Takako or many other variations. That's why you should never try and guess someone's name reading and thus the purpose of this thread. You'll end up crediting it wrong like I see done so often.
  5. AzureDark
    Just the other day I got pissed off when some group wrote down 遊女 as Yuujo...
  6. mewpudding101
    I go onto the jp Wikipedia and paste the composer's name into the search bar. That gives me the artist's page and the reading of the name 80% of the time.
  7. Hikarin
    Yeah, I do that too but it doesn't always work. Since I love my doujin music, that's often the case. ;p Maybe I should list some artist names and readings here that aren't on wikipedia?
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