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Allen or Lavi?

  1. Neko~Lenalee

    If you're to choose between allen and lavi..

    ..which of the two you think will lenalee choose?
  2. Megami-chan
    you made a very difficult question!
    My favorites have always been Allen Lavi and Kanda, when the three of them are together there are always lots of laughter!
    But ... I simplified a bit ..
    I choose the image which is nice ....... Allen!
  3. Kagamine Twins
    Kagamine Twins
    Allen! sort-of because he's the main character......but he's still the one i prefer.....I love when he sings in the 93 episode (Japanese version)!!!! they should have had him sing even more!!!!!!
  4. resha31773
    i think lenalee will choose lavi
    because lenalee sees allen as a younger me i dont know the others....
    and besides i think the author have no intention to make a pair in this story...
  5. Kagamine Twins
    Kagamine Twins's not really a love/romantic story. I feel like Allen and Road will somehow end up with each other......assuming that allen does end up with someone......but leenalee and lavi should definitely get together..........BEWARE OF KOMUI!!!! XD
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