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Favourite Disney Movie Scenes

  1. .:neuko:.
    Disney/Pixar movie scenes welcome too!

    When I think of the many Disney movies I've seen, it's so hard to choose - so for now I'll just say the scene in The Lion King, where Symba says to Scar: "Hey Uncle Scar, if I'm king, what will that make you?", to which he replies, "A Monkey's Uncle.".
  2. FlowerMaiden
    ^I loved that scene! Scar is epic and the best disney villain.
    Oogie Boogie's song,Be Prepared, and "...He took the red one."
  3. .:neuko:.
    Agreed... Scar is definitely the best villian, hands down - Disney sure picked the best actor (Jeremy Irons) for him.

    In fact, I've seen The Lion King so many times that I've remembered the entire script. Geeky, I know, but I don't care. (It's not like I make any effort to remember things, it just happens)
  4. Sapphire-Moon
    my favorite scene is from the little mermaid, when Ariel gets her voice back
  5. Fuu Kasumi
    Fuu Kasumi
    When Gaston proposes to Belle, but Belle opens the door causing him to fall into the mud.
  6. YuriEcchiGirl
    ^ I agree with the above one totally, such a funny & classic Disney scene! GO BELLE!!! ^^
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